Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/2 – 7/8/2018

Decks Used: Manzel Bowman Tarot (IG: @artxman) & The Wild Unknown Tarot

Overall Message: 5 of Cups, The Hermit, King of Pentacles, King of Cups, Page of Pentacles (rx), 5 of Swords (rx), 6 of Wands (3 of Swords)

Some of us have recently emerged from a lonely period or emotionally imbalanced state related to a bond from the past that may have been lost or tarnished by our inappropriate or immature behavior, or simply lack of understanding. Healing a severed bond is highlighted here. Ask yourself, in light of your recent emotional experiences, lessons, and relationships what have you learned about authenticity, groundedness, oneness & how your relationship to these ideas affects your connections? Are you fully aware of what you have to offer from your individual emotional banks and how can you use this new understanding to move forward with new self-awareness and self control as a result? Now it’s time to look at ourselves in relation to our environments and guage the distance left between our conscious self expression and full embodiment of our best selves. Accept that this is a lifetime process, that it requires your conscious effort and consistency & that every emotion that passes is not one to which you must react.  There is no linear healing or growth, only a cyclical learning experience upon which we double back on our experiences to find deeper and more resonating truths to propel and fulfill us.  Unbeknownst to some of us, a nurturing, emotionally mature individual in our environment would like to offer us emotional support and/or material assistance.  As this energy shows up as masculine it is more providing than receptive.  For those of you who are male, you may be finding within yourself the power to forgive in order to grow and reconnect to a source of deep emotional connection.  We are all encouraged to ground ourselves in the here and now regardless of the chaos we sense taking place around us. Be as non-reactive as possible in situations that have a history of triggering you.  This is self mastery. Learn from your mistakes & from those of others, but also acknowledge them. Rise above selfishness, vindictiveness, jealousy, and low vibrational communication.  The result of your effort is balanced success in the spiritual and material aspects of your life and recognition and appreciation of your authentic self expression. *There is a strong Cancerian and Virgo energy represented here. Some of you may have strong placements or be dealing with someone expressing these energies. Mars (tower) in Aquarius is also showing its face with the predominance of air in the minors.

Monday: 4 of Swords (Air) We are attempting to replenish our inner peace and restore our mental balance after an emotional upset, possibly the loss of an emotional connection or some difficult to accept communication. Allow yourself the rest required to manifest stability and security within.
Tuesday: 6 of swords (Air)
Having renewed our inner resources and return to a place of calm internally, we are now compelled to physically relocate ourselves, to move out of environments that cause us emotional imbalance or mental unrest and into connections and surroundings aligned with growth, reciprocity, and peace.  This card can also represent returning to an improved state of mind after a period of turmoil & resentment fueled by external conflict.
Wednesday: The Chariot (Water) There is much emphasis on travel this week!  Focus, discipline, & consistency lend themselves directly to freedom and when this card shows up you’re called to balance these energies in order to make substantial progress toward a goal.  Use your vast energetic reserves to meet , master, & integrate your shadow with your best intentions for growth, movement, and success.  Ground yourself emotionally and consider the creative potential inherent in balancing the conflicting influences in your life.
Thursday: 4 of Pentacles (Earth) Our motivations this week may need to be reconsidered.  On one end this card represents storing our energy in order to later invest in something valuable (keeping our emotions to ourselves until we are sure of our desires or others intentions, or simply saving money for a rainy day or large purchase).  On the other, it can indicate greed, possessiveness, and an inability to open up to others. In general this is about barricading the self with the comfort of familiarity, thereby blocking opportunities & limiting growth because the act of opening may entail an element of loss or uncertainty
Friday: Knight of Cups (Water) Healing, emotional balance and growing maturity allow us to fully participate in our connection to the world around us today via our empathetic ability and willingness to practice vulnerability in our communication with others. Some of us may be extending or receiving offers of love & reconciliation, or simply forgiveness.  This card represents a quick moving person expressing him/herself emotionally or relaying a message that impacts the emotional state of others
Saturday: The Tower (rx) (Fire) Change is a foot, but it need not equate to upheaval when this card shows up reversed. Remain calm and place your energy toward the rebuilding, restructuring, or solidifying a weak foundation, financially, in a relationship, or within yourself.  Something unstable has been broken down and we’ve managed to avoid the worst of the chaos and pain associated with change.  Now it is time to begin anew. Make sure the new foundation is created with the lessons of the past in mind
Sunday: Ace of Swords (rx)(Air) Lies, deceit and misunderstanding are clouding the day, encouraging us to delay communication until we come to a place of internal clarity and align ourselves with our personal integrity. Pay close attention to the communication of others and inquire or analyze the motives behind others advice or requests made toward you. Be vigilant, logical, and detach from expectations and emotions associated with any events or people you encounter on this day.

(*Hanged Man as the additional info suggest there is a period of stillness necessary so that we can change our perspectives and thereby our experiences. This energy permeates all other cards throughout the week. Be receptive to a change of opinion)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/2 – 7/8/2018

    1. iroksthnew says:

      I just got it maybe 3 weeks ago and it’s a very blunt and to the point deck for me. Almost pokes and prods at my soft spots, but I think I may have needed that this week. Hope the message resonated for you! Thanks for replying!


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