Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/9 – 7/15/2018 — AstreauxBytch

Decks Used: The Night Sun Tarot & The Mystic Tarot
Overall Message:
7 of swords (past) 7 of pentacles – rx (present) Wheel of Fortune (unknown) King of Wands (motivations) The Magician- rx (environment) 9 of Wands (advice) Knight of Swords – rx (outcome) Deck Bottom = The Lovers – rx

Deceit, secrecy, utter mind fuckery have been at play or showing up in readings one way or another since summer began. Someone has a secret plan or manipulation at play to get their way, but the end result is that they lose the effort and investment of those who believe in them or want to or undermine their own goals due to lack of integrity. Unbeknownst to these people, significant changes are occurring within those around us and that is effecting the changes we see impacting our environments. This #CancerSeason #SolarEclipse is clearing what holds us stagnant regardless of our resistance. Some of us may have unfinished business that is held up while navigating a sea of confusing and ulterior motives. Focus on what matters. Don’t muddy your own energy trying to play the game of malice with those who wish you ill. Your confidence, charisma, and creativity will hold you in good stead this week, so long as you remain grounded in what is rather than what you wish to manifest. Operate in the here and now as if the future you desire is already arriving. Persist through setbacks, remain consistent, and remind yourself regularly of your power. Believe nothing heard, and assume there is more to what is shown than meets the eye.

I READ TAROT IN BED *hehehehe*

Monday: 2 of Cups Today is a day for camaraderie, vulnerability, shared healing, and integration of our own duality. Communicating from a place of emotional integrity and sensitivity to your own emotional state and that of those around you is highlighted. Some of us may be solidifying or considering a new friendship or romance.

Tuesday: Judgement Life changing decisions, sudden awareness of the consequences of one’s actions, or second chances to apply the lessons we have learned come up for us to look at today. With Jupiter going direct on this day, we just may get a discernible turn in our luck for the positive. Remain grounded, optimistic, and honest in your dealing with those around you. That is the key to attaining the success you seek.

Wednesday: 8 of Cups (rx) Some of us are fighting with ourselves to stay or leave a situation where our emotional investments have been ignored neglected or worse off, we’ve been drained emotionally without any feedback or reciprocity from those we care for. Others of us may be dealing with someone gets going quickly when the going gets tough or someone can see us this way (accurately or otherwise). This card can highlight a lack of true commitment to an emotional bond or conflict avoidance.

Thursday: 4 of Swords (rx)  Healing has taken place. It’s time to move. Emerging from a period of solitude, rest, and contemplation we are now ready to take actions supporting our goals, connections, and new beginnings.  Some of us are looking for change, some for stability, others for clarity. After taking sometime to go within and rebalance, we find the peace we’ve been seeking and now we walk the talk.

Friday: 8 of Swords (rx) Free yourself.  The time is now to exercise your creative will power and release yourself from a limiting situation. It’s likely this situation was created by your looping and self-limiting thought patterns.  Remove the blindfold, stop ignoring the elephant in the room.  It’s your responsibility to co-create the lifestyle you desire with the support of the Universe. “None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley

Saturday: Ace of Pentacles (rx) Are you able to accept yourself after making a mistake? You may have found it difficult to bring a project to fruition or completion due to a feeling or literal lack be it energy, money, or some other resource that provides additional potential for growth.  There is still a new beginning to be had here. Readjust your focus toward what you now have and be grateful and creative for the opportunity to grow something stable and long term from it. Embody what autonomy means to you.

Sunday: (Princess) Page of Pentacles (rx) Are you feeling blocked from your goals, growth, or otherwise lacking resources and support? Those around you are not aligned with growth in the way you want to pursue it and it maybe that the new beginning on offer here is being energetically blocked by your continued proximity to that place, person, or idea. Make sure that you are realistic and self-motivating at this time. If you are having troubled self starting, make a list of your positive attributes and skills and think of how you may use them creatively and consistently to create a stable lifestyle that reflects who you are at best.

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  1. Ma Megha says:

    Kori Woo! This is in response to your lovely Youtube updates for this month of September. Spot on as always. Thank you. But umm…also….wanted to tell you….had a strange dream with you in it, we were both analysing stats of visitors to your site and classifying them according to their behaviours so you could make innovative readings to cater to different types. That’s obviously a lot of junk from my own head, but in case this means anything to you, plus the weirdness of the appearance of someone I don’t really know, in my dreams! Take care! Wish you happier times in your new location!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!!! Thanks for watching I’m reformatting everything and trying to make a pretty big transition mentally and emotionally on top of the move. I APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACCCCK 😁 I’m not daunted by being in your dreams (ha that’s all that leo talking). That’s actually an idea I can probably use or modify once I complete all the changes. I have about 50 posts to queue. Thank you much!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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