Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/16 – 7/22/2018

I went with the old faithfuls this week! Decks used: Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith & Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley.

I went with the old faithfuls this week! Decks used: Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith & Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley.

(Temperance, King (knight) of Wands, 8 of Swords, 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Wands, Queen of Swords, The Star)

Balance seems to be an ongoing theme this summer and rightfully so.  With all of the emotional upheaval the Cancer season excavation incites, the barely held aggression and passion Mars retrograde has made us aware of, and all the responsibility Saturn in Capricorn has made virtually unavoidable, we must also contend with Pluto entering the mix, forcing us to transform regardless of the toll.  It’s no wonder the cards are repeatedly showing us the way toward integration of every part of ourselves and the precarious balance we must maintain to bring our goals to fruition.  Mentally, we must fight to remain clear on what is happening within and what is happening without and the distinction between the too. Emotionally, we must learn to cultivate peace in the midst of chaos, but also we must build and fortify, and fearlessly communicate necessary boundaries.  Decisions must be made in light of our new self awareness.  Authenticity is more important than what appears right or wrong to onlookers.  Are the decisions you’re called to make now in line with the truths you’ve discovered about yourself? Or are you being influenced by the expected response of those around you? Are your hope and discernment working in tandem? Are you embodying your spoken ideals and principles with consistent action?  If not, are you truly open to change? This week we are called to align & ask hard questions of ourselves so that we can step out into the world as a true reflection of our own ideologies. Bottom of the deck (Page of Pentacles & Ace of Wands) seems to imply a grounded yet passionate approach toward new beginnings, outlooks, and opportunities.  Disconnect from the expectations your old self set for you and create goals better aligned with your current evolutionary path.

Monday: 9 of Cups Recognize that your emotional fulfillment is fostered within and cannot be created or located by looking outside yourself.  Today, you have the opportunity to manifest emotional abundance and satisfaction, provided you separate yourself from that which drains you, but provides no return.  A graceful departure from that which no longer serves aligns you with the positive karma necessary to attract reciprocity.

Tuesday: King of Swords Detachment, discernment, and decision making that come from an acute intelligence.  Someone may revealing a truth to you or you may be discerning it from your keen observational skills.  Recognizing things for what they are rather than what you would prefer allows you to ground yourself in the here and now and make choices that support your growth and autonomy.

Wednesday: Death (rx)  Constantly rehashing the past is causing a delay to a necessary transformation within you and as a result, your life experiences are appearing cyclical as well.  Are you attracting different people who behave the same or view you in the same ways or situations that are eerily similar to circumstances you’ve already encountered?  Consider if your way of thinking, behaving and communicating has been allowed to evolve in a way that serves you or if you may be rigidly holding onto one perspective out of fear of the unknown.

Thursday: 4 of Swords It is time to rest the mind. Of the 4 primary areas of self care (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical), which is most in need of re-evaluation or special attention?  Take some time now, to be still and let the answers you seek come to you.  Mental stability and control is prerequisite to conscious evolution.  If you seek to grow, you must first become aware and accepting of where you are to begin. Meditate!

Friday: 5 of Pentacles (rx) No more beating yourself up over mistakes of the past that lead you to feel as if you are in anyway lacking or less than.  A renewal is occurring within and your sense of self-worth is expanding and improving.  You may have experienced setbacks of the emotional or financial sort when dealing with others, but that low period is coming to an end so release the ‘what-ifs’.  If you’ve been resting on your laurels, it’s time to put patience and consistency to work for your.  Be careful though, especially with Mars Retrograde in Aquarius that you are not forcing action & movement when rest and review are called for.

Saturday: Judgement (rx) Recognizing your responsibility and power in any situation allows you to transcend limitations & self-imposed stagnancy or restrictions.  You may be longing for freedom from certain circumstances, connections, or ways of being but remain lost on how to go about bringing forth the changes you desire.  Acknowledge your need for guidance or assistance.  Applying lessons you’ve learned until now may release you from your current situation.  Do not allow fear to blind you to possibilities. Examine your life with a critical eye and break way from what you know does not reflect authenticity.

Sunday: 3 of Pentacles Combining consistency with cooperation will take you far today. Your ability to plan and co-create with those who are different with you will determine the to what extent your projects and ideals may grow.  Learn to focus on shared goals rather than differing values and watch your connections, investments, and indeed your self worth start to stabilize.  It may be that someone will be entering your environment that wants to work with or assist you with something already underway.  In that case, practice graceful acceptance and gratitude.

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