Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/23 – 7/29/2018

Decks Used: Tarot of the Spirit & Deviant Moon Tarot

Overall Message: 7 of Wind/Swords (rx), The Magus (rx), 10 of Wind/Swords,  5 of Earth/Pentacles (rx), 9 of Fire/Wands (rx), The Hanged Man,  10 of Water/Cups
A decision has been made that brings truth and means of release where there was confusion, deception, or limited movement due to the maligned intent of others. An agreement or group effort may come to an end due to dishonesty, misunderstanding, and vindictiveness on the part of one or more parties. Manipulation plays a part in the silence taking place here.  Someone is attempting to rob another of their ability to grow, change or connect.  With a predominance of earth and fire cards, it’s probably due to wounded pride (rightfully so if deception is one’s way to handle conflict, you stand in precarious waters).  The strife comes to an end this week though and while we may still be feeling the residual effects of a seemingly unnecessary conflict, we are coming to a place of mental rest and renewed focus on our own self esteem and personal value systems. We must also release habits of thinking and perceiving that limit or damage our potential reaching higher vibrations.  It may be that as we release what or who causes us mental unrest, resisting the duplicitous behavior surrounding us, someone we may have separated from comes in to redirect our attention toward our self worth.  Someone may give up at an inopportune moment due to miscalculation of the effort and vigilance needed to reach their end goal.  The saying ‘don’t count your eggs before they hatch’ comes to mind here.  We are advised to remain still but alert to any facts, behavior or circumstance that can alter our perspective for the better or any sacrifices we may need to make in the interest of forward movement.  Remain patient with yourself and those around you.  The outcome of your continued belief in the Universe’s support is the manifestation of experiences that offer emotional satisfaction and a deeper sense of community and connection.

Monday: 3 of Pentacles (rx) It all comes crashing down and the culprit(s)? Incompatibility or downright selfishness, lack of cooperation, collaborative planning, & unrealistic expectations. A project involving 3 or more people is either coming to an end or progress is being hindered by the inability of those involved to work together or remain grounded. This may be advice to give up hope in a situations where you’ve been disappointed by effort or lack thereof on part of someone else.

Tuesday: 8 of Wands (rx) Effective communication is hindered here, either due to someone’s refusal to participate in the exchange, lack of follow through, or cyclical communications styles that are not complimentary. Today is a day to focus on that which propels your forward, aligns with your passions, and ignites your will.   This card is very reminiscent of the pending Mercury retrograde so it would benefit us all to double check the content of our messages and the status of their transmission along with the details of any travel plans we’ve made or promises we’ve neglected.

Wednesday: Justice & 9 of Wands You’re approaching the end of a journey in which you felt the need to constantly defend yourself from attacks (as this is the wands not the swords, this is not in your head, but actual attacks, physical, psychic or otherwise). There may be some confusion as to just how to defend your own rights and will.  Exhaustion may have taken over as you approach the culmination of a situation that has you suspicious or on edge.  Don’t give up! It looks like you come out with the high score in the end game.  Be patient with yourself, consistent in your efforts, and ALWAYS remain aware of your surroundings. Time will tell the truth for & to you.

Thursday: The Fool It’s a new day, you’ve found new rhythm to walk to and the road least travelled is calling to you. Remain optimistic in the face of the unknown and the Universe will support your high vibration by meeting your positive attitude with a positive outcome. Careful not to be naïve in the face of conflict, danger, or deceit. However, don’t allow your previous experiences with such vibrations rob your of enjoyment in the now, or encourage your participation in any toxic dynamics.  Take on any offers made to you now with gratitude to the opportunity and whatever lessons lie within them.

Friday: 2 of Pentacles (rx) A cycle of imbalance comes to an end today. Someone has given up their attempt to create balance in a situation and decided to invest elsewhere or withhold investment for the time being.  Other’s of us are finding it difficult to maintain stability and security in a situation and may suffer a loss of resource or energy as a result.  Today is not the day to be bashful about requesting assistance. If someone you know has what you need, speak up.

Saturday: Ace of Pentacles A potential for new growth, stability, security, or commitment comes to your awareness today. Whether you recognize it or work efficiently is up to you.  Look around you for opportunities to create something long lasting, nurture something that will grow abundantly, or earn monies from a secondary source.  Today can be the start of something grand provided you remain, grateful, practical and consistent.

Sunday: The Hierophant Commitments, contracts and agreements could be confirmed today. As Mercury in Leo stationed retrograde on Friday, be careful not to begin any new endeavors if possible, but work to do right by those commitments and establishments you are already a part of. This may be advice to keep tradition in mind or prioritize the tried and true when setting out on your path or making a decision.

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