Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/30 – 8/5/2018

Decks Used: The Voyager Tarot & Mystic Mondays

Overall Message: 10 of Wands, Hanged Man, 4 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 2 of Wands (rx), Death (rx), 6 of Swords (rx)  (Crystals) (Additional Message: 9 of Wands (rx) & Ace of Pentacles (rx) )

The overwhelm that comes with ending a major life cycle in which you had more responsibility, pain, or burden that you thought you could handle is slowly coming to an end. You may be impatient to release, withdraw, or restart, but there’s a need here to first review your perspective and thought processes regarding this situation and any similar to it. Be honest with yourself and brave enough to make the necessary changes within not to attract such circumstances again. This is how you co create with the universe experiences of joy, fulfillment, and security.  This week, will be one in which our actions in the here and now largely determine how far we can go towards our goals? Victory is for those who pursue it actively, but also with integrity as it is no when to defeat the foe and be defeated by your own questionable motives. Go slow and steady, taking action toward your goals, clarifying your intent and your means, and balancing your thoughts and emotions with the required actions to manifest.  Seems like someone may be making a major purchase, but the expenditure will provide a sense of relief after a long battle.

Monday: 10 of Cups A cycle is coming to completion now, possibly bonds with others are also changing or ending and with these culminations comes emotional satisfaction.  Allow yourself to be grateful for how far you’ve come regardless of any obstacles you are still facing. You didn’t come this far without battles fought and won. Congratulate yourself and share of your joy with those who encourage it in you.

Tuesday: 3 of Pentacles (rx) Today may see you taking action to solidify the ending you felt coming yesterday.  Some of us are giving up on a collaborative effort to build a foundation, others are taking the advice and guidance given to us by those more wise and utilizing it to build our own foundations, independent of our surroundings.

Wednesday: 10 of Pentacles (rx) Some of us are walking away from a family situation, suffering a joint loss of income or other form or security.  Others of us are just not feeling grounded. With all of the retrograde energies creating a sense of chaos outside our control, it’s no wonder some of us feel our lives, connections, and finances are topsy-turvy or turnt for the worst. Relax, take some time to review the state of your home and finances. Be honest about what needs to change and make a practical plan you can follow through on.

Thursday: The Sun  Optimism and truth reign today.  Things are looking up for many of us as we come out of the eclipse energy and grow accustomed to the retrogrades inward focus.  Now we see our reality for what it is and with this clarity, we must maintain faith in ourselves to work with what is to create what more is needed or desired.  Moreover, should we face these facts, tasks, and circumstances with positive energy and effort, our lives are guaranteed to change for the better.

Friday: Ace of Swords Communicating with authenticity, paying close attention to our surroundings & detached acceptance of the facts of life brings us to the precipice of a new beginning.  We may be receiving a truth or new understanding from those around us, offering it to them, or simply coming to new understandings within that compel us to think, speak, and move in new and more fitting directions. For some this may represent a severance that breaks us from and old life and forces us to embrace another.

Saturday: The Empress Your confidence and self worth are solidifying and you’re recognizing the growth you’ve done and appreciating all that you are. Others are seeing this change in you and reflecting it back to you. The result of your confident and authentic self projection is abundance arriving in all forms. Remain grateful and gracefully accept all that comes to you. Today is a great day to engage your creative talents or explore new avenues for self expression and personal or financial growth.

Sunday: The High Priestess The knowledge that comes from within cannot be explained. Today, some of us are getting deep in touch with our intuitive nature and the power of manifestation that comes from the mind specifically (where the Magician manifest with his use of skill and resources, the High Priestess manifests through sensing the world of spirit and connecting to it mentally and emotionally).  This could also be someone keeping a secret or having an awareness that arrives without proof or explanation.


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