Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

I am going to be journaling on these questions and then pulling 2 tarot cards for each question for the remainder of the month. Kelly Ann Maddox, this was a great series of questions to think on, and I’m excited to share many recent insights with my readers 🙂

  1. How judged do you tend to feel on a daily basis? Explore how much of that perceived judgments is real and how much is imagined.

As someone who often feels and fears being misunderstood, judgment is a prevalent issue in most of my interpersonal relations. When people misunderstand my intentions for better or worse, I feel as if a judgment has been made regarding my character or personality that is inaccurate. I have a tendency to look deeply into people. It’s in my natal chart (heavy Pluto/Scorpio energy) & suggested in my MBTI personality type (INFJ-t). The number one lesson my mother instilled in me before all else was “Watch people.”   Often, this leads to me being judgmental of others because I’m operating under the belief that what I perceive is. Having grown accustomed to my insights regarding other people being accurate, causes me to rely on my perceptions without first questioning from whence they came. This creates a cycle of limited communication with others.

The reason I feel judged is because I have exuded judgmental energy toward others and acted according to those judgments. There are many instances where I am in fact judged for good things as well as bad. However, the feeling of having those judgments be off base is a trigger, and sometimes I react from a mature place, calmly communicating and maintain connections where people are willing and able to see me clearly. However, there are other times when I am triggered by a misunderstanding because the perception of me that it implies is negative in a way I have yet to accept or simply do not resonate with. It tells me that my judgment regarding the person I am dealing with is also off. “How could I deal with someone who sees me like that?”

The World, The Emperor & 6 of Cups (Rider Waite-Smith)
Stream of Conscious Affirmation:

Move forward in a way the expresses and maintains awareness of your personal power, individuality and innovative spirit, no Emperor is overly concerned with the opinions of peasants, only in what way he can inspire the King or Queen in them. Calmly embody your power with positive and purposeful intention and remain stable, ensure your pride is righteous, and reflect on the ways your power has served you and others in the past when the responsibility that comes with it seems impossible to successfully bear. Let go of what or who does not support you growing toward your potential.

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