The Play of Your Life

Going to try this tonight.


This may seem totally unrelated to Lucumi, but it has just as much to do with spiritual life as it does with mundane, everyday life. It affects the energies you allow into your space. It affects the people you give audience to in a multitude of situations daily, which includes picking godparents, how you interact with elders and priests, how you interact with your godbrothers and sisters and how calm or tumultuous your everyday life will be. Below is part of my letter to my son.

“I’m giving you another assignment. The entire situation you’re in is a play. You are the author of the play so you determine what role I play, what role your girlfriend and her grandmother have been playing, what role your friends have been playing. Everyone who is in your life (or absent from it) plays a role. I want you to really evaluate and give…

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