10/12/18 Open Arms Reading


*I will be posting random readings for those seeking guidance.  These readings may or may not resonate and are simply pulled as I have the urge to read for whatever reason.  Do not apply them to your situation if they do not obviously resonate with your energy.  They are for fun and practice, but may also be useful in deciding if I am the reader for you. Please use the contact information on my homepage if you are interested in a reading.

Deck: Radiant Rider Waite

  1. History – 8 of Wands
  2. Carryover – Page of Swords
  3. Unconscious – 2 of Cups (shown upright but came out reversed)
  4. Motivations
    1. 6 of Wands
    2. IV The Emperor (shown upright but came out reversed)
  5. Advice – Knight of Pentacles
  6. Outcome – XIX The Sun

The querent (the person getting a reading) is coming out of a period where effective communication and passionate action were required of you and following through on ones words or intentions may have been a point of reward or contention. Internet or other quick moving correspondence along with travel is indicated in the past. As there is quite a bit of fire energy in this spread, either you or this person are likely to have fire energy prominent in the natal chart (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Jupiter or Mars).  Now, you’re communicating directly, learning from your past experiences and may be practicing detachment. Recognize that you’re in the middle of a learning curve that requires you acknowledge the maturing you still have to do and apply your efforts to application. Underlying a prevalent sense of detachment is a bond or connection that may have been broken; a separation that occurred in the past or on that is pending. With the underlying reversal it appears feelings were mutual, but compatibility was an issue. 2 people found they were unable or unavailable to be vulnerable with each other.

Your advice is to identify and clarify your goals in love, keeping the lessons learned from previous relationships and the deeper relationship with self in mind. Take slow consistent steps toward the building and growing of your own life, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially and DO NOT give up. Remember you are worth as much of your effort as anyone else and as you see the results of your continued focus on self-care and applied lessons, your awareness of your own abundance and that which is coming to you will increase. A joyful, healthy, loyal and passionate partnership is yours for the taking, provided you foster that with yourself first & foremost.

You are now coming into a period stability and authority. It is time you embrace it and actively seek situations and environments where your passions are celebrated, your creativity is acknowledged and you detect potential for success. Balance is also suggested here with your motivations both being even numbered cards solidifying your self-esteem, stabilizing your lifestyle, and taking control and responsibility for your desires are important aspects that will make you feel as if you are making progress and winning in love. In other words, taking on attitudes and actions that support your individual identity and self-expression will put you in a position to not only get what or who you want in love but to recognize and appreciate when it comes to you.

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