Taurus Full Moon 10/24/2018 Astrology & Tarot Predictions


Conscious: Knight of Wands (rx), 7 of Wands (rx), 5 of Wands
Unconscious: XIX The Sun, 9 of Pentacles, King of Swords (rx)
Outcome: 2 of Wands (rx), III The Empress, 7 of Cups
Overall: IV The Emperor (rx)

A sense of powerlessness permeates this reading despite the presence of very powerful energies showing up via the major arcana. The overall energy suggests a misuse of power or desire to control what is external to us when inner clarity escapes us which leaves us in an unstable place in general. It is time to look inside the self for a sense of control (that’s the only place it can be found). Balancing personal responsibility in connection with others and autonomy is also an issue here.

Many will come into this moon phase likely dealing with the consequences of not following through on our intentions and responsibilities. The dissatisfaction we feel is superficial. It is a result of realizing the unpleasant circumstances and burdens we currently face are a result of our own actions and a lingering resistance to the changes in behavior. As the Sun card suggests, there’s still hope. The mishaps, mistakes, or missed opportunities in this case were minor or of little consequence in the long term. We are allowed to move forward with new understanding provided we tend to what has been neglected in the coming 2 weeks. Awareness of how our own reckless or impulsive behaviors hinder our progress and limit our choices is helpful, but as this layout is dominated by fire energy, there is an emphasis on action taking and creative use of our energetic resources. Consistent application is paramount to success.

In the middle of this full moon cycle, we will be putting down our arms to focus on joy, stability and self-actualization. The major lesson we are to learn at this time is to allow, to receive, to manifest what may be by being grateful and making effective use of what is. It appears that when we step away from needless conflict and focus on creative self-expression and grounding, we experience a period of growth. It may be in the form of material abundance, career success, or gifts for many of us, but some of us will be looking within and reflecting on what about us is valuable and worthy of praise & appreciation. As this phase comes to an end, our renewed confidence may feel threatening to those who are not doing the work. Some responses to the growth and change we express may seem ruthless, malicious, or dishonest, but we are called to courageously continue expressing what is most authentic to us and to me mindful of our choices and the intentions of those around us to ensure continued growth and foundational stability.

The cards showing up as November rolls in are supportive of the astrology at play. Venus will station direct in Libra 11/16, and re-enter Scorpio, reuniting with Mercury before it’s next retrograde phase in Sagittarius. Jupiter ingresses Sagittarius 11/9. This is an opportunity for a break emotionally from the deep internal excavation many of us feel forced to take on. We do not need to initiate a battle to defend our personal rights. What we actually need is to remain grounded in the here and now while authentically expressing ourselves in ways that reflect self-awareness and respect and a belief that the Universe supports our abundance and forward movement. Venus in Libra personality is a diplomat, while Mercury in Scorpio is an avid student of personal psychology.

This is the perfect time to seek balance within conflicts by calmly evaluating any issues we have with others, digging deep into our own patterns and responses and fearless facing and acknowledging that of others, but without malice (this part is imperative with the current Mars in Aquarius transit in the same sign as Lilith and. Watch your words, watch your triggers!) The people pleasing tendency of this Venus is mitigated by the truth seeking and fearless depth exploration of Mercury and vice versa. Jupiter’s pending transition into the sign of its rulership allows us to look at our personal relationships as reflective of the collective current, putting a spiritual tint on the windows with which we view our relationships and experiences during this time. Jupiter will transit Sagittarius for approximately 13 months allowing us to expand our minds by way of our experiences and come to a more spiritual understanding of our respective realities.

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