2019 YEARLY TAROT FORECAST (My Personal Year)

Hello All!

I created this spread in for my Solar Return (birthday). It can be used as a yearly spread or for your solar return or for the calendar year. This particular reading is my breakdown of 2019 (I mistakenly deleted my card pulls for my solar return before completing the interpretation.. go figure).

I’m still making notes regarding the planetary transits which will of course have strong influence on each of us this year. So far though, here’s what my 2019 will likely look like…
(click here for a breakdown of this spread)


Conscious Self: Page of Swords(rx) Seeking knowledge and information rather than communicating it. Paying close attention from a hidden position.
Unconscious Self: 5 of Wands(rx) Releasing conflict, comparison, pettiness and avoidable drama. Learning to accept and work with those whose values and desires differ from your own. (Alternatively, it can be an ongoing conflict over something relatively minor.)
General Theme/Outcome: Temperance & Page of Cups(rx)
Manifesting balance in all areas of life by looking for the positive aspects & learning opportunities in difficult times. Patience will free you from limitation provided you put equal effort toward the practical & spiritual areas of your life. Self renewal and inner peace are indicated as direct results of your disciplined self care. The Turning Point of this year may be a rejection or repression of someone’s feelings, possibly even and unaccepted apology or love offer occurs this year that in some way alters your trajectory and even your goals. Practice grounding your emotions and separating your dreams and aspirations from wishful thinking regarding any significant people or situations.

Overall Energies

(Jan – June): The Fool(rx) Be careful of naivete during this period. It is imperative that while you remain optimistic about the potential and opportunities available to you through the first 6 months of 2019, that you are also realistic about what you know and don’t know, your energy levels, the goals you set and pursue, and the effort required to achieve them. Impulsive actions will undermine your success. On the other side, fear of the unknown can keep you stuck in a cycle you’d rather escape. Open yourself up to what comes to you without apprehension and be discerning about your own choices and responses. A new beginning is available; respond from a place of wisdom, applying all lessons practically that you’ve learned until now.
(July – Dec) 7 of Swords(rx) You can see clearly now all that has been hidden in the periphery of your experiences. Once you face the truth regarding yourself and those around you, consider the implications from a place of detached but keen interest. It is then possible to move out of any limiting circumstances, relationships, and communication patterns. Your growth requires you detach from past-based stories about yourself and realign with the here and now. If someone has deceived you or someone in your environment, the truth is now set free. On the other hand, if you have been deceptive, manipulative, or in any way misleading, during this period you may be exposed and subject to the consequences of your machinations. Focus on acting & speaking with integrity at all times. Healing requires you be honest with yourself and others regarding your experiences and your role therein.


Past: 8 of Pentacles Present: 6 of Pentacles(rx) Future: 8 of Cups(rx)
You’ve invested energy in the growth of a relationship, putting in consistent effort toward stability and effectively bonding with a love interest or mate. You were setting the foundations for a heart-based connection. Right now, you may feel as if you are not getting back the effort and emotion you put in or may be withdrawing your energy, possibly due to fear of being taken advantage of. Lacking reciprocity is a clear indicator of unhealthy relating. It is okay to detach if you are meeting others needs at the expense of your own. Soon, someone may return from the past after a period of separation to reinvest or to communicate about the blockages or emotional confusion between you. Someone may do oa good deed during difficult times to get back in another’s good graces.


Past: 7 of Pentacles(rx) Present: Page of Swords(rx) Future: Queen of Wands
It is not advisable to take the advice of others right now. Your focus should be on disciplining your spending and amassing savings, especially since you’re coming out of a period of financial loss or unemployment. Be discerning about your output and income and pay attention to opportunities to earn more as they present themselves. Is your work ethic proportionate with the lifestyle you expect to live? Worrying about the lives and means of others is a distraction to avoid the responsibility you have to create your own financial stability. It will not serve you well. In the future, you’ll be exploring and enjoying creative potentials that may generate income or put you in a more prominent position socially or financially. Have faith in yourself and pursue growth with gusto!


Past:10 of Pentacles(rx) Present: 2 of Cups(rx) Future: The Empress
Has a separation of resources taken place recently? A major expenditure, divorce or move? The aftermath may be causing stress and tension in a close emotional bond (romantic or platonic). You may feel incompatibility with a partner is the cause of instability within the home. Do not stress about it that will only cause more upheaval. Practice radical self care & put practical action toward your growth, healing, & self-esteem and watch the Universe meet you where you are… a state of internal abundance allows for equal manifestation without.


January 2 of Swords & Knight of Swords (rx)
Indecision, clouded judgement, and outright lies lead to stalemates, vindictiveness. Someone may be ambivalent, and the result is a very malicious response from someone else. If you’re unwilling to make a necessary choice, someone may make it for you and it probably won’t be to your liking. Manipulation through miscommunication is creating stagnation. Someone lacks objectivity, skills, or information. Anger and resentment may be hindering follow through or encouraging ruthless behavior. (Air sign prominence à Gemini/Libra/Aquarius)
February 9 of Cups & King of Cups
Healing the spiritual & emotional self by grounding the emotions and taking confident and well thought actions provides internal peace and a sense of abundance manifested. A person with an artistic intelligence may be of great influence. This is someone with a calm and accepting demeanor who is very empathic and/or intuitive but may not outwardly express this aspect of themselves. Detachment from self-sabotage & unfulfilling emotional patterns leads to inner contentment. (Water sign prominence à Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces)
March The Lovers & Ace of Wands(rx)
A necessary decision that affects others or the direction of a relationship. Balancing logic with emotional intelligence will lead to a well-considered result. Delay action until all sides and implications have been considered. Not acting on a decision between two equally attractive options or alternatively, losing enthusiasm for one options makes a choice easier to make. Consider if a lack of integration or follow through is affecting your ability to connect in a balanced way with others.
April The Fool & Page of Cups
Communication or offers of an emotional/creative nature that set you on a path toward renewal, maturation, and fulfillment. You may be naïve regarding the role emotions play in your life (a hopeless romantic energy if I ever saw one). Spiritual healing and open expression of feelings allows one to take on a new way of life. Personal evolution. This is the Springtime of your life! Allow yourself to bloom. True forgiveness allows an emotional bond to begin anew. Freedom is found in vulnerability.
May 4 of Swords & 7of Cups
Taking time out to come into mental balance before making an intuitive decision regarding options that are not as they seem on the surface. Meditation will help to clear an emotional fog that may have impeded your judgement. Choosing between many options which will provide or encourage peace of mind. There is more to each choice than meets the eye. Pause to reconsider before committing.
June 6 of Swords(rx) & 4 of Cups(rx)
Returning to an environment or relationship in which you missed an opportunity or experienced rejection or disappointment. Have you learned and applied the life lessons presented thus far? Renewed hope and fresh perspective after detaching and disconnection allows you to face a situation and see it as it is. Acceptance where a difficult dynamic caused a rift and reengaging with more understanding and gratitude.
July 3 of Pentacles(rx) & The Hermit(rx)
Inability to work with others due to dogmatic way of thinking and communicating may lead to acute loneliness. Denial, lack of internal awareness, or refusal to apply life lessons practically may lead to lack or disconnect. Leading a passive but rigid life. Ignoring your need for communion with others. Breaking away from a collaborative effort leads to a deeper bond with the self.
August The High Priestess(rx) & Queen of Wands
Taking confident action despite unknown influences that are triggering your intuition. Acting confidently on a hunch. Some truth is just outside the periphery of your subconscious mind. Alternatively, you could be ignoring intuition in the face of another someone else’s confident and self-assured demeanor. This person could be friend or foe; it matters not. What matters is taking passionate actions from a place of wholeness (calm mind, strong body, open heart). Pay attention to what goes on around you and adjust the way you approach your target, not the goal itself.
September Strength & 8 of Wands
Have courage and act swiftly. Taming the shadow self with unapologetic self-acceptance frees you to follow your passions. Watch your impulsive reactions & be careful not to speak without thinking things through. Bravely face your fears, and act according to your desires despite them. Travel as well as creative growth is indicated. Transcend harmful habits by adopting more healthy ones.
October 7 of Wands(rx) & Ace of Swords
The truth defends itself. Clarity opens you up to a breakthrough in a situation that may have caused you to feel defenseless. Stand up for yourself & speak your truth with confidence. Do not fear or avoid setting strong and healthy boundaries especially in the event of a conflict of interests. Your clarity, direct communication, and use of logic over emotion will help you maintain or strengthen your position. Be honest!
November Page of Pentacles(rx) & The Moon
Be careful not to behave irresponsibly in response to negative emotions or triggering events. This is a time to be mindful, practical, and disciplined with your resources and continue to do your best at work and in pursuit of your purpose. Some unknown influence or unexpected expense may set you back financially or influence your work environment. Seek truth but do not lose focus.
December The Empress & 7 of Pentacles
Hard work pays tenfold! Growth, fruition, & lucrative investments. Your studious work on yourself pays off now and your lifestyle makes the shift from surviving to thriving. If you have done the work, your persistence, patience and consistency are now being rewarded. You have an opportunity to improve your life in all aspects. Practice graciousness and gratitude. Your desires shall not allude you.

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