Leo Season 2019 New Moon Eclipse Predictionss



Eclipse season always brings with it opportunity for deep change and energetic shifts. This one however is complimented by a higher than usual number of retrograde planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, & Chiron!!!) That means in addition to all the RE- words we typically associated with retrograde energy, we are also looking at what to release in order to progress on our evolutionary paths as individuals and as a collective. Let that old shit go folks. It is imperative we not make any impulsive decisions at this time as they might come with dire consequences as these planets gradually turn direct. Reviewing and making (but NOT acting on) plans, observing reactions, and finding healthy ways to release or transmute negative energy are the best ways to navigate the current planetary energy.

While Mars is not retrograde, it is transiting a fire sign and will be making a trine aspect at the beginning of its transit through Virgo (August 21) with Uranus who will be stationing retrograde in the early degrees of Taurus. Check ya muhfucking ego because just like you’re not here for it, nobody else will be under these influences. Stubbornness, power games, controlling tendencies, and excessive attention seeking will land you flat on your arse right now and in the coming months. The time is now to put consistent focus into your shadow work. The current astreaux-climate brings forth “Rabbit & the Hare” imagery. For those of you unfamiliar with the popular children’s story, the main point is that slow and steady wins the race.

Sun & Moon square Uranus

Radical changes to your life may be happening. Everybody’s getting a “tower moment” in one or more areas of their lives now. If it’s not stable, it won’t stand. So, recognize and release the fear of change (or you will be forced due to the square aspect) and adjust your behavior accordingly. Flexibility and openness to different outlooks and ways of thinking about or navigating your circumstances makes way for progress. It’s possible unexpected outbursts or responses to and from others also occur. More sensitive signs *coughWaterFirecough* may be experiencing rapidly shifting moods and desires. Be careful of impulsive behavior in response to your or others emotional state. Mind your triggers as this is a tense aspect and it is possible that some negativity arises.

A need for excitement and spontaneity may be pronounced and routines may be difficult to follow. Seek a positive or relaxing outlet to any low vibrational emotions or excess energy you may feel at this time. If you are feeling restless or easily distracted, try an activity that gets you moving or encourages creative thinking. Technological advances and new ways of using technology from cars to computers may also be themes of this transit.
Mercury (Rx) opposite Pluto

There is a conflict of interests or ideologies when these 2 planets are opposite one another. This can occur within an individual or amongst a group. With Mars in fire, we must be careful that we do not overstate our perspective or disregard that of others in order to feel a sense of power. The best use of the energy is research & investigation, especially digging up new information or using what we are currently learning to foster transformation in some area of our lives. Check the house where Pluto in Capricorn is currently transiting. Be mindful that you are putting in the work necessary to back up your ideals through disciplined action as Saturn is also transiting Capricorn and will only reward diligent effort. On the other side it can create increasingly difficult obstacles for those who choose to take shortcuts or avoid responsibilities. Be aware that this transit includes the possibility of been taken in by propaganda or intimidation. Do not make any decisions under duress or in response to persuasive argument as the results are not likely to go in your favor. Also, be careful not to subject others to mental abuse or intimidation.
Venus square Uranus & Conjunct new Moon

Unexpected developments in love, relationships, & finances are common results of this transit. The effect is likely a clearing or releasing due to aspect with the new moon. Tension grows between traditional & unorthodox definitions of beauty. This new moon also squares Uranus in Taurus and our emotional responses may be unfamiliar even to us as we are dealing with new triggers and redefining what is of value, what is beautiful and what makes us feel secure materially and emotionally. Attractions may form to people outside your norm or in some way different from the societal idea of beauty. Be patient with yourself and careful to respond consciously rather than blindly react to your environment. There are lessons to be learned in recognizing what needs to change and mustering the confidence to take decisive action in that direction. Self-worth will improve as you do what must be done while maintaining positive and grateful perspective.

Some may experience increased desire for love relationships, material goods, and things that enhance one’s appearance. Because this lunation is in Leo, it is important that you carefully curb the urge for drama, power games, or making permanent changes to your body that elicit gratification via shock value. Desire for freedom, excitement, and open-mindedness in relationships may arise. We may have the urge to get rid of anything or anyone we find unpleasant, unattractive, or who makes us feel this way (intentionally or not). Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Tendency to over indulge in food or drink, overspend, or take action based on emotional reactions rather than logic. We may seek emotional gratification through what or whom we find beautiful or valuable. New technology may be developing to enhance physical appearances (fashion, make up, cosmetic surgery, etc.).
Jupiter trine Mars & square Neptune

Pursuing spiritual growth and recognizing lessons inherent in your difficulties will benefit us all at this time. Any action we take from a place of wisdom (intelligence gained from experience rather than study/observation) will propel growth and expansion in addition to increasing our self-belief. ‘Good luck’ results from applying what we know is the right thing to do. That may prove difficult, however, if we allow our fears, projections, and illusions to cloud our vision of what is. Fortune as a result of acting on good intentions is indicated here, but with Mars as the fastest moving planet in this interaction the key phrase for this transit is passionate action. Something must be done rather than contemplated or observed.

Look to the areas of your chart where Jupiter in Sagittarius is transiting to see where you stand to benefit most. The house currently hosting Mars in Leo is where we discern what actions must be taken or issues handled. The house were Neptune is moving through Pisces indicates where our illusions or hidden information may hinder our ability to act from a place of clarity or where we may feel the need to escape due to lack of clarity. As Mercury is still retrograde, reviewing the past and acknowledging what we’ve ignored to our own detriment will give us a hint as to what we may be currently missing. Fearless acceptance of this information will free us take the action necessary to materialize our wisdom & desires

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