New Moon 7/31/19 Tarot: Earth Signs

Conscious: Page of Wands Unconscious: Six of Cups Advice:11 Justice (rx) Overall: 16 The Tower

It seems those embodying Earth energy are about to take action toward a new path. Your impetus could be emerging from the past. It seems you all are in a nostalgic state of mind, remembering good times, reconnecting with old friends & lovers, bonding with siblings, etc. At the very least, some of you are reminiscing about times when you felt better. There’s a sense that a new beginning is yours for the taking and you’re feeling ready for it. This may be the result of some epiphany you’ve had while thinking of way-back-when or it could be the sudden arrival of a familiar person or circumstance. Unexpected chaos may be ensuing simultaneously, weak foundations are crumbling and you’re considering an escape route. Take heed: If you’ve made a mistake, decide now to acknowledge and commit to fixing it. Done the crime? Do the time or the Universe will force your hand through divine justice that may seem unfair to you. Consider your next steps very carefully. Pause before committing to any one path as your perspective may be skewed by past events. Shocking change or destruction to a circumstance, relationship, or outlook that you’ve held onto past its due date is causing you to acting from ego or impulse rather than logically and practically or making unfair judgements toward others (very uncharacteristically, you’re earth after all, right? hmp).


Check your conditioning, goats. Are your current circumstances a result of exercising your free will & actively pursuing your ideals with your values in tact? Or do they reflect an attitude you’ve adopted due to your past wounding? You may have adopted expectations of difficulty, criticism, or unfair treatment. It’s time now to create and maintain healthier boundaries not only with those who trigger a victim mindset or pessimistic outlook within you, but also with yourself. Define what joy is to you and apply your persistent and determined nature to pursuing what makes you feel a sense of thriving rather than existing in perpetual survivor mode. Be honest with yourself & others about what you want & need and cut out anything that is not in alignment. Your truth is your most valuable resource at this time. “Bone Collector” is a reminder that you came into this world for a reason. Take a chance and try doing what you feel you came her to do. “With awareness, your past wounds need not define you.”


Take a moment to consider the repetitive situations in your life. Relationship dynamics, work circumstances, & the ways you go about having your needs met and attaining your desires all reflect patterns of thinking and behaving that ultimately determine the level of satisfaction & progress you reach in life. “Sometimes, the things that feel most familiar carry with them reminders of what you don’t want to experience again.” It’s time to decide of your comfort zone is truly fulfilling your or keeping you stagnant and adjust your actions and attitude accordingly. It appears there is guidance available to you. Seek out a trusted source for guidance on the best way to move forward.


Are there horizons you’d like to pursue that you’ve avoided? You may not be aware but the path is open to propel you toward new places and opportunities to manifest your desires, Virgo. Where you once felt restricted, the chains have been broken, but you may have grown accustomed to navigating these old limitations. You must take responsibility for updating your state of mind to the current energy in order to recognize the many open doors available to you now. What’s familiar is no longer palatable for you or beneficial to your growth. Release fear & look toward a new direction with a sense of freedom & optimism and your opportunities for manifestation will multiply.

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