Tarot Spread: Yearly Forecast/Solar Return by AstreauxBytch


1.)    Your Conscious Self This card represents what you are aware of about yourself, including attributes, flaws, and potential. This represents the energy with which you naturally face life events/circumstances/other people throughout your solar year.

2.)    Your Unconscious Self The card in this position is here to enlighten you to things about yourself that will influence your behavior environment and manifestation of the available energy throughout the year. These are tools/flaws/attitudes/abilities you may underestimate, but they are here to assist you or enlighten you to opportunities for growth and development.  This card (if negative) can also represent the querent’s shadow.

3.)    10.) Cross roads spread (Includes card#1)

Horizontal = Past/Present/Future

Vertical = Love/Money/Home Life

3.)Present Love
9.)Past Love
7.)Future Love
1.)Present Money
5.)Past Money
4.) Future Money
6.)Present Home
8.)Past Home
10.) Future Home

11-13 Represent hopes fears and unknown energy for the year

11.)Highest Hopes for the manifestation of the years energy. This can be a specific goal, a personal transformation or just the type of experiences/lessons you wish to encounter.

12.) JAN Advice/Clarification(High Hopes MTHS 1-6)
13.) JUL Advice/Clarification (High Hopes MTHS 7-12)
14.) FEB Advice/Clarification
15.) AUG Advice/Clarification
16.) MAR  Advice/Clarification
17.) SEPT Advice/Clarification
18.) APR Advice/Clarification
19.) OCT Advice/Clarification
20.) MAY Advice/Clarification
21.) NOV Advice/Clarification
22.) JUN Advice/Clarification
23.)DEC Advice/Clarification
28.) JAN Overall Energy/Main Event
29.) FEB Overall Energy/Main Event
30.) MAR Overall Energy/Main Event
31.) APR Overall Energy/Main Event
32.) MAY Overall Energy/Main Event
33.) JUN Overall Energy/Main Event
35.)JUL Overall Energy/Main Event
36.) AUG Overall Energy/Main Event
37.) SEPT Overall Energy/Main Event
38.) OCT Overall Energy/Main Event
39.) NOV Overall Energy/Main Event
40.) DEC Overall Energy/Main Event

24.)ADVICE (MTHS 1-6)
25.) ADVICE (MTHS 7-12)
26.) Overall Energy/Main Event (MTHS 1-6)
27.) Overall Energy/Main Event (MTHS 7-12)
34.)TURNING POINT(can occur anywhere during the solar year but placed here for aesthetics.)This card represents the point at which the cards 1 & 2 meet each other via an event/relationship/situation in the querent’s external world that brings forth the transformation/attitude/energies necessary to propel the querent towards the year’s greatest potential.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Spread: Yearly Forecast/Solar Return by AstreauxBytch

  1. Hello darling, thank you for being in this journey with me. I see your amazing poetry posts and I found that auspicious given that for the next couple of weeks I have to write and analyze poetry for school 🙂

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