Sunday 12/29 thru Saturday 01/04 Tarot Forecast

Past: 4 of Swords
8 of Cups
Unknown Influence:
Mother/Queen of Swords (reversed)
Mother/Queen of Pentacles
2 of Wands (reversed)
The Fool (reversed)
4 of Wands
Deck Bottom:
5 of Pentacles

We come into the week having taken time out to detach from external circumstances and the noise of others to rest. Contemplation in a peaceful environment allows the necessary space for important decisions and intention setting. As a result we may now be leaving behind circumstances, relationships, and versions of self that no longer provide a sense of true fulfilment. This is definitely a necessary departure. The 8 of Cups typically depicts someone moving toward something better than what they have chosen to leave behind.

Unbeknownst to whoever is walking away, a feminine energy may lash out in calculated and vindictive ways. This person feels their actions are justified due to pain, betrayal or inner turmoil. There’s a sense someone can’t see shit from shinola this week and is influencing a situation outside the awareness of others involved. Be careful that this isn’t you because the energy you express will be returned by the universe 10-fold. Don’t allow the pain of yourself or others to influence your decisions and the way you interact in the world around you. It is your right to protect yourself, but do so from a place of integrity.

Some of us may be finding our immediate environment uninspiring or draining energetically. Those around you may be lacking vision or not following through on plans due to fear, indecision, or other creative blockages. You’re called not to make any impulsive decisions in reaction to the goings on around you. . It may be that after some deliberation someone is ousted from a group be it friends, family or professional due to lack of contribution or malicious intent. Take time to evaluate your plans, consider practical advice and address any fears or stubborn impulses you may be holding within yourself. The outcome is a celebration of stable foundations that we are able to share with those we bond with regularly

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