January 2020 Tarot Prediction

JANUARY 2020 “The Wild Unknown”

4-Card Tarot Prediction

Conscious: 6 of Cups (reversed)
Unconscious: Son/Knight of Cups (reversed)
Advice: 4 of Cups
Outcome: The Magician (reversed)
Deck Bottom (Theme): The Devil (reversed) & Strength

4-Card Spread using “The Wild Unknown” tarot deck

We begin the New Year in the midst of a process of release. The suit of Cups dominates the reading suggesting feelings & intuition are of great import now. Majority of the reading is also reversed which indicates from a reader’s point of view that we are not seeing the situation as it is and a change of focus is necessary. Emotional purging seems to be the foundation of this month’s activity and with this, we surrender our egoic selves, go inward, and reevaluate what it is that fulfils us at a spiritual and emotional level. For many this will require courage. We are facing parts of ourselves that we may have willfully ignored or never recognized for what they are. That’s after all what winter is for, introspection, rest, and release.

Now more so than usual, we have an opportunity to grow by facing, defining, and then reworking our emotional bodies. Apathy, disappointment, rejection, and resistance are signs that we’ve begun to linger in circumstances that no longer have lessons to teach us or rewards to gift us. It may be difficult at this time to see where our resources, talents, intelligence and emotional output are best used. Be aware. The Magician in a reading, whether upright or reversed indicates what we need is available to us and our abilities are in fact sufficient to manifest that which we intend. That confirms my initial view that how we look is what is affecting our experience and outcomes for January.

The advice card, being the only upright card in the main portion of the reading is about resisting the urge to settle due to lack of clarity. It could be that after much difficulty and disconnection, what we want is no longer as obvious to us as it once was. Patience is required of us now and a focus on clarifying what is ideal for us and what habits, people, desires, and reactions hinder progress toward the ideal and which ones support it. This is a chance to transcend a toxic cycle in favor of healing.

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