Sunday 01/05 thru Saturday 01/11 Tarot Forecast  

Past: Son/Knight of Wands 
Present: 7 of Wands (reversed)
Unknown Influence: 6of Wands (reversed
Motivations: Ace of Cups (reversed)
Others: Daughter/Page of Wands
Advice: 9 of Swords (reversed)
Outcome: Mother/Queen of Wands (reversed)
Deck Bottom: Father/King of Pentacles (reversed)

Bow spread from “The New Complete Tarot” Deck used: “The Wild Unknown”


Recently, we’ve recovered our passion and sense of forward movement. Confidence is on the rise and our trust in our own abilities to manifest has taken shape, allowing us to let go of any lingering combative energy. Trust in oneself allows us to transcend the need to depend on others to have our best interest at heart. Putting your guard down after a dispute or being isolated is difficult but now the motivation is available to do so.  Whatever we fought for before no longer holds the same value, offers the same sense of achievement or was a losing battle to begin with. It is important to be clear on the motives behind our actions so that we don’t repeat the mistake of investing energy in useless conflict or risks without reward.

Detachment serves us well and seems to be the goal this week. Some may feel rejected or lack connection to relationship offers or other opportunities presented at this time. In order to move forward, it may be necessary to put emotional reactions to the side and focus on our priorities. Influences in our environment seem to elicit passion or inspire creative action in us or we have inspired this energy in our social groups. Be careful of immature or impulsive energies but do not allow external influences to divert from your intended path. It’s time to let release anyone or anything that contributes to your fear or anxiety, even if it means parts of yourself that have you feeling isolated or paranoid. If you cannot trust in it, what is it really worth?

We end the week on a rather dramatic note. Be careful of participating in exchanges where egos and insecurities are taking priority of authentic expression of our best selves. Jealousy, melodrama, and manipulation are indicated here as is extreme self-absorption. Acting out due to thwarted plans or desired responses will get you in water hotter than you likely can handle if your confidence is shaky.  If this reversed Queen is someone external, be even more careful that you do not allow this energy does not undermine your confidence or manipulate you for it’s own purposes. Focus on solidifying your self-worth and identifying your values and the most honest way you can uphold them.  

Frankly if you find yourself face to face with any of the people shown in the court cards this week, try to go the other way. Certainly, don’t let these energies be you.

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  1. Amanda Verdin says:

    Recently found your blogs through IG. L❤️VE!

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    1. Thank you for the follow!!! ☺ Much more content and changes to come. I HOPE YOUR ENJOY!!!


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