“The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of January 2020” (Zodiac Poetry Astrology)

The Hydra of power is rearing its many, ugly heads — tyranny, bondage, corruption, abuse. What was once concealed, obscured, is slowly acquiring a very tangible consistence, and by the time Saturn meets Pluto in the skies, it will be in plain sight.

The exact conjunction between Pluto and Saturn will happen on January 12, 2020, at 22°45 in the sign of Capricorn, even though the very aspect has been within orb of influence for a while. If you are even the least bit aware of what is currently happening in the world, you may have noticed this energy emerging to our consciousness with violent, almost destructive vehemence: the massive surge in global protests (Lebanon, Chile, Hong Kong, Iraq, just to name a few), almost always handled in brutal, unwarranted ways by the respective governments; Turkey’s offensive against the polyethnic, anticapitalist region of Rojava, in northeastern Syria; climate strikes and criticism towards corporations’ irresponsible use of resources; the rise of racism and antisemitism here in Italy, where Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre had to be put under guard after receiving death threats; last but not least, Tr*mp’s impeachment inquiry is making the headlines as we speak.

I’m not a mundane astrologer — even though I firmly believe in the interconnection between personal, spiritual and political —, but these large-scale events have a lot to tell us about the ways this planetary alignment is going to play out in our personal lives, and the large-scale events mentioned above are proof that unchecked power is coming to the forefront, becoming blatant, manifest, undeniable.

Power under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is less of a subtle, Foucaultian hidden force that conducts our conduct, unbeknownst to us, and more of a solid, visible, tangible reality.

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