Full Moon 1/10/2020 Cancer 20˚ Astrology & Tarot Predictions

Astreaux Forecast

January’s Full Moon brings with it clarity surrounding emotional safety and fulfillment (Cancer). What will come up at this time for everyone is a direct response to the Saturn & Pluto transits of Capricorn and the North Node transit through the sign of the crab.Whatever house these planets and points are currently aspecting in our individual charts should give clues as to the nature of the issues we are to face. The underlying theme for all of us is how we take responsibility (Saturn) to create a symbiosis between Safety (Cancer), Security (Capricorn), and Authenticity (Pluto) in our lives. 

The sabian symbol for this moon is VENETIAN GONDOLIERS IN A SERENADE”. The sabian symbol for the sun, in direct opposition (as on every full moon) is “A HIDDEN CHOIR IS SINGING”. Notice the emphasis on music, pleasurable sounds, collaborative art, etc. It seems group dynamics may have a significant part in the events to take place in the next couple of weeks. There are questions that must be asked, first of ourselves, and then of those around us.  What is being said to us that sounds ideal and is it aligned with reality or fantasy? (This moon is also trine Neptune in Pisces so beware of illusions projected on your part or that of others). Are our emotional investments sound and in what ways can we better solidify our emotional and environmental foundations?

Orobouros Tarot Spread

1. Ideal: 4 of Wands
2. Problem: Ace of Wands
3. Questioner: 8 of Swords
4. Decreasing Influence: The Hierophant (V)
5. Current Situation: 2 of Swords (reversed)
6. Near Future8 of Cups
7. Questioner Response to Problem: 5 of Swords
8. Environment: 9 of Pentacles
9. Inner Emotions: 7 of Swords
10. Outcome: 6 of Swords (reversed)

DB: 10 of Pentacles (reversed) / The Fool

Bow Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” Deck Used: “The Wild Unknown”

The tarot for this full moon cycle is relatively balanced in that we have all suits represented. However, there is a distinct emphasis on Pentacles (Earth) and Swords (Air). Clarity surrounding practical pursuits, finances, and long term commitments is the central them.  Many of us will be setting goals or implementing plans in the interest of stable living and joyful connections. Our passion is high, but we may have difficulty strategizing and following through if our plans involve significant risk. (Cancers are not known for risk taking but they are cardinal and as such, have a natural inclination to initiate) True growth and independence requires that we act in the interest of that which we desire rather than that which we fear or dread repeating. The Universe is supporting all efforts toward independence, stability, and self-worth, so feel the fear and do it anyway! 
Looping thought processes and limiting beliefs may be blinding us to opportunities for forward movement. It’s important that we are all careful not to allow our past mistakes and regrets to inform our present decisions or future direction. Transmute anger and disappointment into passion and self-determination. It’s time to trade stubborn non-conformity for authenticity and walk away from stagnant and stale or volatile situations we’ve stuck with especially if doing so came from a place of low-self-worth or a sense of forced isolation or obligation.  Free yourself. It’s past time. 

Some of us may have already made the decision to detach from unfulfilling circumstances and seek greener pastures. Be discerning, strategic and consistent with your plans, but also adaptable and discrete as the 7 of Swords suggests. Prioritizing your own interests is perfectly acceptable, even necessary. If we truly want to grow and express authenticity we must put ourselves first, but to maintain our self-respect we must do so without intentional harm to others.  Be careful to act from a place of integrity rather than vengefulness or one-upmanship as that will quickly and substantially destroy any progress. 

Following our inclination toward improved circumstances and self, it is important to remember that each level up will naturally be met with resistance. Every energy has its opposite and the Universe maintains this balance by presenting us with tests that assist us with recognizing our preparedness or lack thereof for what we are attempting to manifest. The outcome of this reading indicates this test may show up as information overload that makes a necessary decision or departure difficult to make. However, if we are practicing self-care, maintaining healthy self-interest in interpersonal connections, and consistently acknowledging fear and transcending it, we free ourselves from the minute obstacles and past mishaps. It is then that we can enthusiastically pursue that which calls to our higher selves. During this next moon cycle, take an honest look at where resistance is showing up within you as any external obstruction to your goals is a reflection of what is taking place within. Over & Out


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