Astreaux Study: Modalities (Cardinal Signs)

There are those who watch, those who wander, and those who lead…

Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn are those we can’t help but to get behind, who’s capabilities, values and desires are as clear and straightforward as these people when expressing just who they are. These are not signs/energies that one may dominate easily. (Nope, not even those docile seeming Crabs and Scale swingers.)The 4 Cardinal signs are, in my opinion, the most diverse of all the modalities when compared to one another. It’s no wonder they are commonly known to also represent the 4 directions (North, South, East, West). What Cardinal signs have in common is that they are initiators of lasting trends and traditions. As such their primary concern is control as a primary means of security. How they go about establishing, expressing, and maintaining control or establishing security, however, varies by sign.

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the obvious differences…
More detailed information on each signs expression of its respective modality will be added to the queue shortly 🙂


  • How free they feel to express themselves determines how likely they are to follow their goals through to completion.
  • Innovating and avoiding authority are Aries preferred means of control.
  • Creativity and Fearlessness are their super powers.
  • Indicators that Aries aren’t feeling safe or incontrol are combativeness, recklessness, creative blockages.


Arian NOTE TO SELF: It is possible to maintain my autonomy and individuality while simultaneously showing respect to righteously established authorities. Practicing self control lends itself to effective use of my free will.


  • How they are relating to or perceived by others determines the goals they pursue and how secure they feel with themselves.
  • Amassing and maintaining social influence is Libra’s preferred type of control.
  • Charm & Humble Intelligence are their super powers. They use them to network with those who are socially powerful or beneficial.
  • They manipulate by defining for self and others what is desirable.
  • Indicators that Libras aren’t feeling safe or in control are argumentativeness, bullying, unkempt appearances.

Libran NOTE TO SELF: What I think of myself is more important than how others see me. Accepting my own authentic self frees me to live according to my own values and expectations rather than those of others who I may admire & engage without imitating. I can be valued as an individual.


  • How crabs feel affects the effectiveness with which they pursue their goals
  • Feeling needed by those they emotionally depend on is a Cancer’s preferred type of control.
  • Affection and Empathy are their super powers. They use them to identify needs and meet them.
  • These softies are commonly known to manipulate the emotions and behaviors of others to feel safe and maintain a sense of emotional safety and control.
  • Indicators that Cancers don’t feel safe or in control are adopting a victim identity, general irresponsibility, or vindictiveness.

Cancerian NOTE TO SELF: My emotions inform how I proceed toward my aspirations, be it with grateful optimism in recognition of my strength & will to survive, or with bitter nostalgia for the pain that propelled me forward. Everyday, I make a choice, consciously or unconsciously about which direction to go in.


  • Whether I’ve done my best determines the level of satisfaction of I feel with my accomplishments.
  • Feeling responsible for others or in a position of authority is Capricorn’s preferred control.
  • Consistency & Ambition are their super powers.
  • Goats manipulate by exerting control over services and resources.
  • Indicators a Capricorn does not feel secure or in control are irresponsible behaviors, addictions, self-isolation.

Capricornian NOTE TO SELF: I am powerful regardless of my need for rest. It is a choice to resume responsibility for others and I may relinquish it at anytime if it is no longer appreciated or fulfilling for me. It is perfectly acceptable for me to enjoy myself even when there is no material reward.

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