Sunday 01/19 thru Saturday 01/25 Tarot Forecast

Past: Tower (reversed)
Present: 3 of Cups
Unknown Influence: Death
Motivations: Son/Knight of Swords
Others: Hierophant
Advice: 9 of Pentacles (reversed)
Outcome: 5 of Wands (reversed)
Deck Bottom: 4 of Pentacles

Bow Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” Deck Used: “The Wild Unknown”

It seems we come into the week dealing with the aftermath of avoiding an inevitable change. Whether it is conflict, an ending or an epiphany, it seems we’ve spent more than enough time trying not to face it. Someone’s hand may have been forced or simply a difficult situation was drawn out when it would’ve been easier just to rip the Band-Aid off. Having been through the ordeal we are now allowing ourselves a reprieve. Social gatherings, chit chat, and overall indulgent energy carries us through the week. Remember what it felt like to hold onto what or who we should be let go of as it seems we are unconsciously moving toward another ending.

Death shows up as the unknown in this week’s reading suggesting an ending is taking place beyond our perception that will significantly change the status quo. Acceptance of this transition is encouraged. I wrote last week about reconsidering anything we hold onto out of fear or desperation. This week it is even more important as our motivation is truth and forward movement and this ending may bring about some very necessary (and likely overdue) communication that helps us do so. In our surroundings, we may find people to be stuck in their ways, preferring conformity over authenticity, but it is not our responsibility to wake them up only to heed the guidance that comes directly to us.

Our advice this week is to focus on what we hold valuable. Be careful that when life is going well or plans are moving along easily that you do not give in to the temptation to sit on your ass, regardless how plush. Apply discipline to everything that matters and do not neglect the details. The result is that we come out of the week in a much more stable and grounded place, free of internal conflict and immune to the pettiness or combativeness of those around us. Sounds damn good to me!

Ciao, Bytches


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  1. Nice and informative blog. People may aware regarding do’s and dont’s through this blog. I am also interested in Vedic astrology and tarot reading. I am also posting on the subject. we can have a good match on this. Thank you.

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    1. I’d love to chat sometimes although I study western astrology and work primarily with the placidus system. .

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