Tarot Spread: The Illuminated Shadow — AstreauxBytch

This spread is called “Illuminated Shadow” as it is used to assist us with shadow work by showing what we know about ourselves and our inner (illuminating) what we don’t know or understand and how to integrate all of it in the interest of wholeness. It is in this shape to remind the querent of the axiom “As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without”

My breakdown of the above reading is here.

The general card positions are as follows…

LEFT SIDE (3-5-7) = Unconscious Shadow
This side of the spread represents automatic behaviors, internalized ideals, and defense mechanisms the querent may be unaware of acting out or projecting onto others.

RIGHT SIDE (4-6-8) = Conscious Shadow
These are the traits the querent is aware of both positive and harmful or any trauma the querent is aware of being affected by.

7 – 8 Positive Manifestations of Shadow

5 – 6 Negative Manifestations of Shadow

3. Your Shadow as an Unconscious Identity This is the self you act out when emotionally unstable or threatened in anyway. This is the you that others see that you do not acknowledge. This can also manifest as what you most often project onto other people, usually those close to you or in situations that are mentally/emotionally triggering.

4. Your Conscious Self This is the way you are aware of presenting yourself to others and behavior your consciously engage in order to progress in life. This is who you see when you look in the mirror.

2. The Potential Self If one becomes aware of their mal-adaptive behaviors and hidden talents/attributes and consciously integrates them with the conscious self, this is the best possible manifestation of the self as whole.

1. Advice This is what you need to focus on or do to heal and unify the shadow with the conscious self. Whatever card shows up here is path to self-actualization and also action most immediate that will facilitate healing. The bottom of the deck may offer more clarification on this card.


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