Sunday 01/26 thru Saturday 02/01 Tarot Forecast

Past: Tower (reversed)
Present: Wheel of Fortune
Unknown Influence: The Empress
Motivations: The Fool
Others: 6 of Cups (reversed)
Advice: The Emperor (5 of Swords)
Outcome: The Lovers (reversed)
Deck Bottom: Son/Knight of Wands

Bow Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” Deck Used: “The Wild Unknown”

This week’s reading is exciting! 6/7 cards are Major Arcana, (6 upright!) and we even got a jumper to clarify the advice. The possibility for breakthroughs is upon us and we have ample energy available to deal with it all. Forward movement and discernable progress are a priority at this time. Be careful that you’re not making changes just for the sake of change. If it is not feasible to be productive during transition then are we investing energy after all or being drained? It seems like the best and most abundant reward will come from accepting any changes occurring at this time and adapting to the present moment. Our goals are within reach, motivation is high, and the Universe supports any action that improves our standing in life. Creating a feasible plan with room for tweaking goes a long way at this time.

Unbeknownst to us, feminine energy is very high and with it an increased interest in all things 3D. Some may be working on their physical appearance, finances, or preparing to give birth to a child or creative project. Growth is indicated when The Empress shows up in a reading as well as pleasure seeking and receptivity. The world is your fucking oyster this week, folks. Slurp that shit down! Our motivation (hopes/fears) seems to be freeing ourselves from baggage, fear, and any other obstacle or intrusion that keeps us feeling small or limits the degree to which we authentically express ourselves. Pure intentions, self-belief, and courage make the cornerstone to manifestation so go ahead, play The Fool.

The surrounding energies for this week imply that those around us are releasing their own attachments to the way things used to be, emotional attachments that no longer meet their needs along with trauma and child-like emotional responses to their circumstances. Be patient with those around you as one never knows what another is truly facing or working through.

On the flipside, the advice for this week is to stand firmly in your power regardless of the malice of others. Speak your personal truth, express and implement your boundaries and protect your energy come what may. As an advice card, the 5 of Swords indicates we should all be looking out for number one. As a clarifier to The Emperor, we should be doing so with integrity; expressing our personal power consistently, maintaining our own stable foundations, and handling our responsibilities for self and those with whom we share bonds. Be careful of your motives as the intention behind any power plays you make at this time will bite you in the ass if they’re not pure.

The outcome of this reading seems to imply a choice between 2 or more options being made and you may have to work on your confidence and awareness of personal power to make a decision in your own best interest. Passionate forward movement in the direction of your choice speeds up once you take stock of the energy you are expressing and receiving and respond accordingly. Good luck to all.

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