ABytch, Why are you here?

NOTE: This post is primarily to explain the purpose of this blog.
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As my primary goals for ABytch.com are to provide information on the basics of Astrology and Tarot. As I get deeper into my own study, it helps to remain aware of the foundations of each practice, their uses and universality. I want not only to explain but to show how both tools may be used to explore the depths of our own psyche. In order for any of this information to be helpful, transparency is of the utmost importance to explore shadow work from an astrological or tarot perspective. So, I’ve chosen to share some of my personal readings and astrology for each new moon (no names or personal info of other people will be posted publicly).

While I enjoy doing the weekly and monthly collective readings, there are so many other readers who make that their primary focus that I believe my purpose is to expose the side of astrology and tarot readings that so many readers and spiritualists allude to but do not often show of themselves. I truly believe that those of use who are mastering these skills and growing spiritually especially those in service to others have a responsibility to show up authentically, and that means not always sticking to the ‘Here’s a generic reading for everyone’ formula. It’s harmful to present ourselves as if we are above or beyond the struggles that our clients face.


My intention is that those who come across these readings are able to gain perspective on how these energies may affect them and how they can use the planetary motions and symbolism of the tarot for Shadow work, manifestation, and interpersonal growth. I hope that those of you who come across this blog are inspired to open your mind to the possibility that what is at play in the skies above us is a ‘Major Key’ to working through what occurs within.

My custom tarot spread called “The Illuminated Shadow” I typically do it on eclipses. I was late this year, but I did do it for the Aquarius New Moon and you canview it here.

During the 4-5 days when the new moon has its strongest impact, I also list the current transits impacting my natal chart and set my intentions based on the strongest energies at play. I then create questions pertaining to these issues and pull a tarot card for each one. I recommend new and budding readers read primarily for themselves with a journal and their favorite guidebook in hand so that they get into the practice of applying their intuition, symbolism, and factual experiences to define the cards uniquely for themselves. Developing a personal relationship with the meanings of each card as translated to you by spirit is an important part of the learning process as memorizing book keywords and will later on help with the accuracy of your readings and creating energetic connection to those for whom you may read

With all the love & juju I can muster, I wish everyone the best in their journey to heal and embody their best selves for this life.


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