Sunday, 02/02/2020 thru Saturday, 02/08/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week One:
02/02/2020 – 02/08/2020

“Bow Spread” from “The New Complete Tarot” using the Prisma Visions Tarot deck by James R. Eads

Past: Knight of Chalices
Present: The Sun (reversed)
Unknown: Five of Chalices (reversed)
Hopes & Fears: Eight of Wands (reversed)
Environment: 9 of Pentacles
Advice: Knight of Pentacles (reversed)
Outcome: 2 of Wands
DB: The Star (reversed)

We come into this week on a whimsical note having given or received forgiveness or a like expression of emotion or affection. Healing is indicated with the Knight of Cups. Knights are always in motion, learning mastery of their respective element through experience and experimentation. Moving forward at an emotional level (indicated by the suit of Cups) requires we are honest with ourselves and others about our desires, intentions, and preparedness for interpersonal connections regardless of type. As a result of this courageous act, positive energy abounds and while it might be difficult to see the difference between that which we’ve left behind and what we are moving toward, it is positive. Patience serves us well as what is set to develop at this time will likely result in a detachment from the past and any lingering pain or regret associated with it.

We must be careful not to allow fear to become our only motivation as what we consciously focus upon becomes a probable experience for us. Fear of blockages, delays, or missed connections seem to be coming more from within us than from any influence in or around our respective situations and we must regain control of our thoughts. (8 of Wands) Worst-case-scenario thinking is distraction from doing the work. You can reprogram your mind through mediation, affirmation, or other shadow work practice, but DO it! Taking action in the here and now is a choice you must make. In our environment are many examples of self-care, independence, responsibility, and wealth and we would all benefit from seeking out these images around us and recognizing them as facets of ourselves. (I’m drawn to the fact that in our environments is the number 9 which in fact partly represents the idea of selfhood). Remember, that which you give to others you also deserve.

The advice for the week is pretty universal, in that we all benefit from embodying Knight of Pentacles energy. Be patient but persistent, stable yet ever mobile like a knight. Maintain confidence in your abilities and humility in your expression. Focus your energy toward practical, discernible progress and commit to doing what is necessary to manifest your intentions. Put a FULL STOP to any behavior that drains energy, time or resources as there is a chance now to build toward abundance should we apply ourselves practically. The reward is a clear vision of the future and the resources and inspiration to plan and follow through. The world is yours!

Keep the faith,


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