Daily Tarot: February 6, 2020

Today, working on our foundations, taking care of our responsibilities, & committing to our goals brings us to a life altering new beginning. We’re ready, too. Passions are fired up, energy levels our high and our sights are set toward the future. Be careful not to make any reckless decisions due to boredom but don’t completely squash that creative impulse. Why? Today, avoiding unequal exchanges and securing our individual selves affords us the freedom to do things our way, regardless of convention, tradition, or the expectations of a “They”. If you hear the beat of your own drum today, you better twerk some for a real one 🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾😈

Willingness to be both responsible and authentic to individual expression helps us #ManifestThatShit today. There is an elemental balance at place today that lends itself to our clearest intentions. Don’t be afraid to move things around in your life today in a way that fits your current self-definition or at least your ideal trajectory. Focus forward and good luck! 😁


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