Full Moon in Leo 20˚ February 9, 2020 Tarot & Astrology by AstreauxBytch

During this full moon cycle, our actions (mars) are motivated by how we feel about ourselves (Leo Moon). We are likely to be analyzing the various ways we express ourselves and how that is likely to reflect on us as individuals (Leo Aquarius axis). With the Capricorn stellium going strong, the responsibilities we choose to accept speak of what we value about ourselves and the world around us. Jupiter ensures that while our efforts toward safety security and abundance require consistency and practicality (and in the sign of the goat certainly not easy), the rewards for such exertion will be worth our resiliency. Assistance with our goals and chores may be available but what is required of us is that we invite in the enthusiasm and support of our environment with our own focused energy.

There may be a competitive edge to this full moon as both Leo(individual) and Aquarius(collective) are associated with the ego. Watch for any impulses toward attention seeking, and feelings of envy or one-upmanship or an increasing need for others to validate you. The desire to be validated by the group is a sign also. It is easy to fall prey to power plays and melodrama during this cycle, but a better application of this energy would be working on creative pursuits, especially those that have the potential to earn you money or networking opportunities.

This is a great time to showcase any natural talents and learned skills or to enjoy your free time with children or lovers. Remember during the next 2 weeks that the best way to come about the positive feedback from others that you seek is to identify what you like and value about yourself and express it unapologetically without making any attempts to curb the same urge in others or garner a specific response.

Orobouros Tarot Spread for the Leo Full Moon 02.09.2020

  1. Ideal: 3 of Swords (reversed)
  2. Problem: 2 of Pentacles
  3. Questioner: The Empress
  4. Decreasing Influence: The Hierophant
  5. Current Situation: 6 of Pentacles (reversed)
  6. Near Future: 7 of Wands (reversed)
  7. Questioner Response to Problem: 10 of Swords
  8. Environment: 3 of Cups (reversed
  9. Inner Emotions: King of Swords
  10. Outcome: Eight of Chalices
    DB: Knight of Chalices

An imbalanced exchange of energy, input or resources has prompted a harsh ending. Betrayal is indicated here as a situation has been repeatedly forced to a head. Someone’s proven themselves disloyal or misaligned likely due to hearsay or a 3rd party’s interference. The value and impact of our emotional bonds is now under scrutiny. Right now, make it your priority to create balance between practical responsibilities, self-interests, and relationships. Our efforts to transmute emotional pain and mental stress associated with formal agreements and emotional commitments will lead us toward a new path. It’s one where we can let our guard down with others due to increased trust in ourselves. Having followed a tried and true path toward our own growth an abundance it’s now much easier to objectively review our lives & separate ourselves from whatever influences fail to meet our needs, encourage our growth, or respect our boundaries.

I get the sense that many of us have outgrown relationships, environments, and parts of our own selves. Efforts to integrate and express a higher self and detach from earlier versions of course leads to a greater appreciation of our own individuality. Boundaries have been redrawn, identities redefined, new needs and desires uncovered and accepted. Inevitably, this directly affects our relationships with those closest to us. What stands the test of time now are relationships and environments that effortlessly grow alongside you. Forgive those friends, lovers and family who are at a different place in their healing and growth cycles, but do not stand still waiting for them to catch up. It’s likely that you’ll encounter new and more fitting connections and working relationships once you make space by clearing away what no longer serves in the present. Your emotional healing, material abundance, and personal passions deserve priority. Act on it.

That’s all, folks. Over & Out!


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