Daily Tarot: February 8, 2020

4-Card General spread using Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads

The Daily Tarot for February 8, 2020 has an emphasis on moving away from something that didn’t live up to estimated value and moving toward something more solid, fulfilling and sustainable.

CONSCIOUS:10 of Pentacles
UNCONSCIOUS: 8 of Swords (reversed)
ADVICE: Knight Of Swords (reversed) 😲
OUTCOME: 6 of Swords
Additional Info: 8 of Cups

Today our focus is on family, group dynamics, generational wealth, & community. It seems this ♌ Leo full moon brings on a culmination of sorts, just as it suggests. We are ending relationships, quitting jobs, changing routines and dropping habits in the interest of stability and stronger foundations within the groups we’re a part of. Unconsciously, we are learning to communicate in away that frees us from miscommunication and misunderstanding. Looping thoughts over various situations have led us to a breaking point in which we have no choice but to detach, release, or walk away from investments without return. This can be financial, emotional, physical, or re:time.

Our advice today is to tell it like it is regardless, make the necessary cuts and defend our boundaries and choices with everything in us. The result promises to be a peace complete with lessons learned and self-worth in tact.

Over and out,

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