Daily Tarot: February 9, 2020

The Daily Tarot for February 9, 2020 speaks of Hope in the face of disconnection, Joy in spite of loss, Success in spite of it all.

CONSCIOUS The Sun (reversed)
UNCONSCIOUS The Hierophant
ADVICE 2 of Cups (reversed)
Additional Info 4ofSwords

We are rising like the Sun itself today emerging from the darkness of our own emotions and the trauma bonds we’ve made from that place. It may be difficult to see through theNeptune fog with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces looking over us like an unknown threat but it seems life is likely better than we think. Under the surface of this sense of pessimism is a desire to do the right thing according to your values. Many are wanting yo make commitment to a purpose or a person. Some may be offering or receiving guidance at this time that proves to facilitate detachment.
Connections where reciprocity is rare, compatibility is questionable, and vulnerabilities remain hidden are being left behind now and the result is the breakdown of unstable internal and interpersonal foundations. For many this may come as a shock to the system or they may be surprising someone else with their decisions. What’s left behind is a space and a new set of recyclable resources (the lessons learned about self and love that we all must learn from moving toward it). I hope we all are able to allow what is going to go so that what is coming may arrive in time to help us heal.

Happy Sunday, Lovelies.

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