Sunday 02/09/2020 thru Saturday 02/15/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week Two:
02/09/2020 – 02/15/2020

“Bow Tarot Spread” from “The New Complete Tarot” using Prisma Visions Tarot deck by James R. Eads

Past:  4 of Pentacles (reversed)
Present: 6 of Swords
Unknown: 9 of Wands (reversed)
Motivation: 10 of Wands (reversed)
Environment: Page of Pentacles
Advice: 3 of Pentacles
Outcome: 6 of Wands
DB: 7 of Wands (reversed)/The Devil (reversed)

“To let go is to release the images and emotions,
the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments
of the past that bind our spirit. “
-Jack Kornfield

Surrender is a major them this week as there are multiple cards showing up in our spread that indicate a need for letting go, for opening our hands, minds, and hearts to the present moment in the interest of growth and success (4 of Pentacles rx, 10 of Wands rx, 6 of Swords). For those of us struggling to open our arms and detach from that which no longer serves our healing, growth, and joy, it is imperative that we practice identifying with our potential for greatness rather than our mistakes along the way to embodiment. There is no shame in changing direction or in giving away what baggage no longer belongs to you. Even your pain was a finger pointing back to the path.

This week, practicing detachment will smooth the turbulence of moving away from stressful, abusive, or confusing relationships and circumstances. All transitions are upheavals of sorts. The largest determining factor in whether the changes taking place serve us or hinder us lies in our responses to external influences and our level of self-belief. There’s no need to be on guard behind high walls if we trust ourselves and maintain distance from those with unclear intentions. There’s a suspicious energy influencing the environment. Be careful of anyone digging in their heels and allowing lack of trust and fear to motivate them. Pause in times of tension so it doesn’t become you. The response is not pleasant. People are getting tired of tiptoeing and taking on responsibility for the insecurities and hypersensitivities of others.

The environment though, seems to get along regardless. New efforts toward growth and stability are being made by those around us and the 3 of Pentacles showing up as advice in this spread indicates we should get on board. Apply your energies toward practical pursuits and material independence by developing synergetic relationships. How you work with others and apply your networking skills within your environment will play a large part in how successful you are at manifesting your intentions.

Should you choose to apply your talents and remain open to learning new skills, success and acknowledgement are assured. Give up fighting against what your fear or feel angst toward and refocus your energy toward that which reflects your potential and you will find that impulses toward defensiveness and self-sabotage no longer infringe on your experiences. Remember that letting go is making space.

Over & Out


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