Daily Tarot: February 11, 2020

Good Morning, all!๐Ÿ˜€

The tarot for February 11, 2020 shows us how engaging in healthy conflict from a place of clarity and self compassion leads to abunaxe within and without.

CONSCIOUS: 5 of Wands
ADVICE: 7 of Swords (reversed)
OUTCOME: The Empress
Additional Info: King Of Cups (reversed)

We enter this day conflicted, riled up, ready to face competition, combativenss, even our own egos. Sometimes the best way to get along is to accept the differences, and respect the autonomy of others and keep doing your own best. Unconsciously, we are already future forward, our ideals are solidifying and our energy is inviting like-minds into our experience. Open up, speak out, reveal what’s been long hidden or suppressed within you. Recapture whatever you feel has been taken from you. Detach from emotionalism and review how your indulgent habits may be usurping your personal power. Resist manipulation and projections thrown your way. The advice today is to be honest with yourself and with others as you navigate your circumstances. Put aside comparison and mind games and be straightforward in thought, action, and word. The outcome promises to be limitless abundance, the kind that comes from self-love, authenticity, and action taken toward holistic growth.

Thhhththththat’s all folks!

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