Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh

Relationship “Ankh Spread” using Mary El Tarot

This spread is meant to clarify a relationship between two people regardless of what kind. The shape is an ankh because the goal of any relationship should be creation (be it new life, new understanding, experience, or abundance).

1. Best Outcome/Mutual Expectations
This is the best result possible from an intentional bond between the 2 people. This can also be what each person expects from the connection.

2. Point of Conflict
This is an issue, event, behavior or attitude (could also come up as a person🙄) that creates tension between the two people. One or both are aware of what this issue is and may be able to clarify.

3. Underlying Issue
The card in this position denotes the unconscious energy or unknown info (if only one person inquiring) contributing to the problem in card 2.

4.Worst Possible Outcome
What shows up here is the result of letting cards 2 and 3 control the relationship. These cards can be overcome by the energy/advice in cards 7- 8, 11- 12.

5 – 6. Contributing Behaviors/Attitudes
Each person across from the other. These cards represent each persons behavior toward other and also the energies they project onto one another.

7 – 8. Hopes
This is each persons highest hope for the direction or outcome of the relationship. Not their expectations, rather what they would create from it were there no issues or other hindrances.

9- 10. Fears
This is what each party worries about re:the relationship. This is what each person is consciously trying to avoid.

11 – 12. Advice
Each persons best possible contribution to the relationship is embodied here. Combined with their hopes these cards represent what to strive for and how to get there. If the 2 parties work together with this energy, they bring about the result in card 1

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