Discussing Chiron — Is the Wounded Healer a Shaman?

Originally posted by Cristina Rombi at Zodiac Poetry Astrology

I think that Chiron awakens us to the multidimensional, sometimes contradictory complexity of human experience on Earth. I’m especially thinking about the concept of Soul loss / Soul retrieval in certain shamanic cultures (forms of shamanism are attested in Ancient Greece, too, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to associate this particular practice with an archetype originating from that part of the world) : the experience of pain and/or trauma causes us to detach from parts of our Soul in order to survive. We lose fragments of the Self to pain. Fragments that need to be retrieved so that our wholeness can be restored. It’s a journey indeed — a journey of healing, a journey of discovery, made of several incursions into our personal underworld. A journey that prompts us to look inward, practice introspection, acknowledge the non-linear course of pain and healing through the ongoing encounter with the very triggers that remind us of our flawed, fragmented Self. Lack and suffering become a portal to other dimensions of the Self.

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