Daily Tarot: 🥰February 14, 2020

Happy Fridizzle & V-Day Byzzles😄

The tarot for February 14, 2020
Shoes us how beautiful the clarity is when we face our fears and voice our truth.

CONSCIOUS 3 of Wands (reversed)
ADVICE 9 of Swords (8 of Pentacles )
OUTCOME Ace of Swords
Additional Info Knight Of Wands (reversed)

We come to Friday out of patience with the status quo and more than ready to see lo g standing plans manifest. Many are experiencing creative exhaustion after putting everything into a goal only to see minimal return on our time, money, emotion, or other resource. There may be fear of moving further forward because of this. Beneath the surface, though it’s only the lull after initial take off, there is much more energy and focus on reserve for us to apply when the time is ripe. What hinders us now is our own thought processes and comfort zones. The cards today speak of fear and its affect on our willpower and awareness.

When everything is in place to follow through on a plan and something else distracts you, that is resistance. Recall what your priorities are and take action from a place of conscious will. The advice today is to ruthlessly face your worries and fear. Remember how far you’ve made it, likely scared a great part of the time. Yet, here tf you are ✊Dissect, define, & communicate what causes you stress, looping, paranoia, or paralysis. Are these feelings based on facts and events or informed by trauma, ignorance, & habit?  The truth is that fear keeps us safe in many instances but giving into it every time stunts growth. A comfort zone is a gilded cage.

Today, acknowledging our fears, communicating our guilt or uncertainty, and taking action despite it will bring us clarity, truthful communication, & epiphanies about the true breadth of each of our personal power. Get ready for the shake up, Bytches. 😜


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