Sunday 02/16/2020 thru Saturday 02/22/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week Three:
02/16/2020 – 02/22/2020

Bow Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” using Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads.

Past: The Fool (reversed)
Present: 6 of Swords (reversed)
Unknown: Death (reversed)
Motivation: Page of Cups (reversed)
Environment: The Hierophant (reversed)
Advice: The Emperor (reversed)
Outcome: 10 of Pentacles (reversed)
DB: 9 of Wands

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”


Foolhardy or reckless moves have been made and someone’s refusal to take responsibility for their part in an unpleasant outcome is causing a situation to drag on long past is expiration date. (6 of Swords rx) We come into this week having had a rude awakening concerning our limits or the work and effort required to reach our goals. It may be difficult to accept defeat or unmet expectations of ourselves and others, but it’s obvious from this spread that we couldn’t have been seeing a situation clearly and that naiveté has undone whatever potential there was for a positive experience. (Page of Cups rx) However, for many of us and those we’re involved with are resisting a definitive ending to the nonsense.  The time is ripe to allow our losses and regrets to teach and change us, but we must allow our expectations of the past to disappear from our periphery if we are to move forward in any substantial way. (Death rx)

Feelings and experiences of rejection or dashed hopes for emotional renewal or forgiveness are fueling our actions and attitudes now, but not everyone around us is compassionate or understanding of our current state. Immaturity in situations where sensitivity, nurturing, and acceptance are required may lead to broken bonds or agreements. Those in our environment are breaking traditions and looking to do things their way (Hierophant rx) and we while we may desire to take actions that would reassure of us of our own control in a situation, the advice this week is to check your ego and focus your immense personal power in the direction of growth and change at an individual level. This is not the time to force your agenda on those around you. They simply won’t have it. (Emperor rx )

Efforts toward creating long-term growth or solidifying commitments toward family and relationships are breaking down due to unstable foundations. Allow it. The strength and awareness to go it alone are available to us all this week and we must be ready when the time comes to let go and make space for what the Universe is set to gift us.

Ciao, bitches!


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