Personal Mantras & Affirmations

Great afternoon, my Lovelies!

My shadow work journey has carried me toward tools, into resources & people, traumas, joys, literally the gamut of experiences and insights. Some of the practices that stuck with me I feel compelled to share in the interest of both transparency and education. I guess the next part of my healing journey is to allow myself to be seen… as both healer and healing. That being said, a large part of my daily spiritual practice for 2019 was affirmations and mantras. Using them has made facing my fears, handling failures, and transcending obstacles much easier, boosting my confidence as a result.


When you’re healing from trauma, addressing limiting beliefs, or learning grounding and meditation, I found it helps to have a root to grasp ahold of to bring you back down to earth when you feel as if you’ve regressed. (You haven’t. Healing is an upward spiral, I promise 🙂 ) We all both want and need some practice that is simple enough to do anywhere that works at multiple levels, consciously (calming), subconsciously (reprogramming), and vibrationally (grounding).

Because, I’m all things Astreaux 😉 I have written the daily mantras that I use below to coincide with the days of the week & their planetary correspondences. Anyone interested is welcome to use them or create your own.

Monday: Moon (intuition/emotion/motivation)

My emotions are my guidance system, not my flaw.
I am allowed to feel all of my feelings. I deserve loving
connections where my feelings are considered and safe.
I am healing my bloodline as I heal myself.

Tuesday: Mars (pursuing goals/initiating/passions)

I have power and wield it responsibly. I deserve what I want
and work for it consistently. My passions fuel my growth.
I am a winner. I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Wednesday: Mercury (set intentions/networking/technology)

I am intelligent and I combine logic and emotion to
see clearly. I am an honest and effective communicator.
I use my mind productively
People benefit from getting to know me.

Thursday: Jupiter (expansion/higher learning/gratitude/spirituality)

I effortlessly attract joy and abundance. I am in tune
with spirit. My ancestors support my growth and awakening.
I am able to move forward

Friday: Venus (love/beauty/money/material goods)

I am prosperous, beautiful and wealthy within.
My love language is valuable.
I benefit both from giving and receiving.

Saturday: Saturn (responsibility/organization/discipline/repairs)

I handle my responsibilities. Discipline is a gift I give to myself.
My experience improves as I practice self-control.

Sunday: Sun (clarity/relaxation/joy/children/socializing)

I embody calm. I share in joy with others. My inner child is
well cared for. I am a conduit for positive energy.

More resources on the benefit of affirmations on the brain:

Study Reveals the Neural Mechanics of Self-Affirmation

Self-affirmation activates brain systems…

To Affirm or Not Affirm? – Self-Affirmations = Self Help

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