Daily Tarot: February 18, 2020

The tarot suggests today is most aligned with a moment of rest. (I get the distinct impression today’s reading is for a specific group of people🤷🏾‍♀️)

CONSIOUS 9 of Cups (reversed)
ADVICE The Hanged Man
OUTCOME Page Of Wands
Additional Info 5 of Swords (reversed)

The last battle with the ego has been fought for some of us and the emotional drainage is palpable. Much time has been spent clarifying misunderstanding and cutting through lies, deceit betrayals of self and others. Learning healthy self interest when you’ve spent a lifetime internalizing guilt and putting others first can be a full-time job completely with body aches and Mental Health days. It gets greater later, though for those who do the work.

The World card confirms that a larger life cycle is coming to an end and a leveling up is in order. Decide the details of your larger plans. Return to your passions. BE STILL‼ Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to put shit on pause, reflect, reconsider, and rest. Many forget that’s an re- word, right?😏

Our advice today is the Pisces card itself, demanding that we be still, take time out to relax our minds and survey ourselves and our environments from new angles, define ideals, and sacrifice habits of thinking that undermine our ability to connect to the universe outside ourselves. Allowing this moment of peace building replenishes our energy, passion and creative reserves so that we can take the first step and then the next toward manifesting the lives we intend.

☮ be with you all, today!!

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