Mars enters Capricorn — The Climb (Zodiac Poetry Astrology)

Happy Humpday, Bytches 😀

Over the past weekend, Mars made it’s ingress into Capricorn and I think we all feel this transit acutely in some area of our lives because of all the other planets in Capricorn. ( Frankly, it’s probably the natal placement I do the most shadow work on as my natal mars is retrograde.)

@shantiarcadia of Zodiac Poetry Astrology wrote an excellent and inspiring article on the 2020 transit of Mars through the sign of the goat as well as a great post on Mercury’s Retrograde cycle through Pisces & Aquarius.

Astrologically, Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn: when raw power meets focus and discipline, it becomes unstoppable force. The rigorous, autocratic environment of Capricorn is highly conductive to Mars’ drive and impetus, turning his spark into sheer, commanding firepower that is harnessed through self-mastery and directed towards the ultimate purpose {…}

The cosmic ‘green light’ arrives on March 9, with Mercury’s direct station: at that point, we will be able to take charge, focus on ‘what’s next’ and actualize our strategy in light of what has been revealed and clarified. While the post-Retrograde shadow is not exempt from glitches, mishaps and communication breakdowns, the no-nonsense, ‘go for it’ attitude of Mars in Capricorn will help us feeling in control of the proceedings, less burdened, less overwhelmed, perfectly capable of ascending towards our personal peak, one hold at a time.



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