Daily Tarot: February 26, 2020

Happy HumpDay, bytches 🤪
The cards for February 26, 2020 shows us how to be fair to ourselves by making life altering decisions and being vindicated by the results.

UNCONSCIOUS The Star (reversed)
ADVICE Page Of Pentacles
OUTCOME Knight Of Swords (reversed)

Additional Info The Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Truth and discernment rule the day today and most of us appear to be on the right side of justice today. Applying our mindful attention toward our circumstances allows us to see where reality and expectations differ. While this may be disappointing in a temporary sense, it is really an opportunity to closer align with our attentions. Adjust actions, handle the practical and mundane aspects of any project or connection 1st so that we are free to enjoy the abundance that comes from our effort. Communicate  needs and make sure to take care of your health. Take just one more step in the direction of your dreams. As our confidence in our decisions grows, so too does our ability to communicate bluntly and detach from any malicious, arrogant, or  disrespectful energies within and without. This is a day for standing in integrity & sticking to your guns.


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