Daily Tarot: February 27, 2020

Great Rising, lovlies🙋🏾‍♀️
The cards for February 27, 2020
Gives testament to knowing when  giving in, release, surrender are the best choices we can make. The truth exposes & defends itself.

CONSCIOUS Strength (reversed)
UNCONSCIOUS Page Of Cups (reversed)
ADVICE 2 of Swords (reversed)
OUTCOME The High Priestess (reversed)
Additional Info 5 of Swords

Naiveté has led many of us down a path toward a dead end of sorts. For some of us, sentimentality had blinded us to the true intentions of others or the viability of a connection. However, our emotional awareness also provides the clarity to recognize when our cups are being drained rather than filled. Most of us are or have backed off from pursuits that appear to be more valuable than they are. This applies to relationships, creative projects, even spiritual paths & practices. It is important to recognize when self discipline means pulling & holding back. Sometimes it’s simply better to do nothing. We are called to make a logical decision in our own best interest despite any emotional turmoil that may come from breaking away from circumstances that do not contribute to joy and ascension. The result of our effort toward self preservation is a truth long hidden being made clear to us so we may use it for our forward movement.

Happy Friday Eve,

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