Daily Tarot: March 5, 2020

Its Friday Eve, folks! Gm🙋🏾‍♀️😁
The tarot for March 5, 2020 is all about the patience to define, clarify, and refine before acting on our plans.

CONSCIOUS 6 of Swords (reversed)
UNCONSCIOUS 9 of Pentacles
ADVICE Ace Of Wands (reversed)
OUTCOME The Hanged Man
Additional Info The Lovers (reversed)

Today, we’re i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t (do you know what that mean🤣)🎶🎧 manifesting from a place of self value and worthiness that comes from living authentically. Venus in ♉ asks us to look at the habits that do & don’t support self worth.There may be some hesitation surrounding our depature from circumstances that upset the balance in our lives. It’s ok to pause. Mercury Retrograde in ♒ is still a retrograde, logical as it may usually be. Rest, Review, Redefine. Why? Because the advice for today is to wait before acting, be still before responding and quiet before deciding. Sheath your WAAAAAND🍆😈😳Because the decisions we make under the current astrology have a lasting impact. You’re likely to find what results is a change in perspective that alters your current trajectory and calls for a sacrifice you may have not yet considered. Take your time while you have it, lovelies😏


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