Daily Tarot: March 6, 2020

Great Rising & Happy ♀️Day to everyone.
The Daily Tarot for March 6, 2020 is all about conservation and management of resources. There is a gathering of power taking place, a mustering of the self that leads us into full embodiment.

CONSCIOUS 4 of Pentacles
UNCONSCIOUS 2 of Pentacles
ADVICE The Hanged Man (reversed)
OUTCOME King Of Wands
Additional Info The Emperor (reversed)

Some of us are intentionally withholding, today. Energy, resources. #communication , our literal presence are all versions of collateral we use to manifest our lives. Today we may be aware of where we need more and where we must learn to limit our output. It seems we are focused on that which is practical, progressive, and fulfilling. Ask yourself where your knowledge, skills, and innate curiosity can be of service? The upcoming #fullmoon in ♍Virgo certainly supports this energy. We are learning to work with what we have to create more of what we need and desire. Our perspective on our worth and power is transformed as a result. It will soon become clear that whether we have or lack is not near as important as how we use the tools available to us and apply our creativity.

No matter how it feels right now, we are all in a process of growth and evolution. We are guided today to surrender what we thought we knew for a new understanding that may lead us further. This may require vulnerability on our part. To recognize what within us hinders our effective use of our internal reserves and natural gifts. To ask questions that make known our needs, desires, and intentions to others. To change at the core, leaving behind parts of ourselves with which we’ve grown comfortable & familiar. The outcome is the mastery of the masculine creative self, self-propelled forward movement,  and the confidence that comes from taking the actions most in line with one’s personal truth.

Enjoy your weekend, Bytches!

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