Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

This month promises us relief in the form of genuine connection that comes from honest and ruthless self reflection.

OUROBOROS tarot spread from “The New Complete” using the Mary El Tarot by Marie White

Highest Hopes: Page of Wands (rx)
Problem: 6 of Pentacles
Questioner: 9 of Cups (rx)
Decreasing Influence: Page of Cups (rx)
Current Situation: 2 of Swords
Incoming Influence: The Hermit
Questioner Towards Problem: 3 of Wands
Environment: The Hierophant
Inner Emotions: 8 of Cups
Outcome: 10 of Cups

Deck Bottom (Additional Info): 8 of Pentacles (rx)

You can read more on the astrology for this Full Moon on Zodiac Poetry Astrology .com


This moon cycle is revealing to us all where our energy, resources, and emotions are being misused and therefore wasted. Many of us have become excruciatingly aware of the areas in our lives where our forward movement is being thwarted by others, slowed by external attachment to tradition, or otherwise hindered by expectations & authority exerting power for authority’s sake. This time, it really is them out there. LOL 8-( Make no mistake, though, our conscious response will always impact outcomes. Reciprocity in our one-on-one connections & appreciation for our investments seems difficult to come by but we have found our potential for self-fulfillment. The sense of rejection, disappointment, & drainage fades quickly. We are manifesting our desires in real time in tangible ways whether or not anyone else can see or chooses to collaborate or contribute. It’s time to start recognizing and appreciating those who are willing to meet you toe-to-toe for progress (the Virgo way). Many are contemplating decisions that significantly impact others and our indecision is creating stagnancy where movement is not only possible, but the logical result of our previous efforts. (relatable)

Guidance and clarity are available for those willing to face the fear of expressing their needs, desires & intentions.  Be discerning though & question yourself as you may “throw the baby out with the bath water action on assumptions or ignoring your intuition. (Neptune is conjunct the Sun for this lunation. “Illusions Galore”is the phrase that comes to mind :-p )

The near future we are likely to be gifted time & space to go within. Practice gratitude, process, review, express, repeat.  Our patience, perseverance, & proper planning, lead to a quickening of results. This reading indicates that what we bear witness to thsi full moon is the process of fruition as it occurs, with people, events, & then resources making their way toward us in response to our individual vibrations & intentions. (3 of Wands is a point of attraction). It may feel damned slow for some of us (Air & Fire *cough) but the process of healing and reconnection (Co-dependency -> Attachment> Detachment -> Non-Attachment) takes time. No steps can be skipped when it comes to our healing. What vestal virgin would have it? All that aside, why rush a process we know to be limitless?

This month, applying our efforts & focus toward mindfulness, practicality, & emotional self-awareness puts us on firm footing to co-create our best ideals for self while also improving our impact on the connections that feed us. Gather advice from those you trust (please use your best discernment and write in a journal if you’re unsure). Explore your emotional needs and any habits surrounding how you express yourself.  Allow time for solitude and self-analysis. What are you giving to or holding onto that it may benefit you to release? The joy, love, and intimacy you wish to experience arrives and settles in as soon as space is made and the work you do on yourself is consistent.


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