Daily Tarot: March 23, 2020

A necessary and yet unpleasant decision is being held up by someone’s refusal to communicate thoughts and perceptions or ask important questions. I sense there’s a fear of abandoning a quietly sinking ship for unknown shores. Whether this applies to you or others in the environment, stalling will not prevent the coming change. In fact, avoidance is how a small hiccup becomes a #TowerMoment , no? Our advice is to pause long enough to see clearly our own perceptions, desires, & contribution to any issues. We may need to sacrifice pride, stubborn impulses, and stagnant connections for the sake of for long term growth and forward movement.

4 Card tarot spread by @AstreauxBytch Deck: Mary El Tarot by Marie White

Our emotions inform perceptions that largely influence our actions(or inaction), and therefore determine our outcomes(or lack of fruition). This is the law of attraction. It is imperative that we regularly question our motives, needs, desires, and communication to ensure that we are not sabotaging ourselves via unconscious energy & manifesting. It’s time to ALIGN because what results from this change to our minds and the healing of our emotional bodies is a recovery of joy. Surrendering our pain to the past where it belongs while maintaining the lessons learned places us in the perfect spot to gain from the use our intuition in the now. In fact, it seems like overall, we’re being prepared for sensitive knowledge to come to us and our responsibility is to handle it with gratitude, respect, and practicality. Are you ready?

I’m hopeful for us all. 💌kOri

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