Shadow Works: Aries Season New Moon 🌙 Personal Tarot

I’m gonna start this by bytching 🙂 about how Black Moon Lilith & Chiron are pissing all over this motivational transit to my natal mercury & moon (transiting square) just as Saturn bytch ass moves into opposition. My energy is high, my tendency toward annoyance is keeping up, my determination is keeping me sane. Cuz I’m gangster. Don’t question my authori-tie.🙃🤬… Okay back to re-emphasizing the power of choice with regard to astrology. LOL

This Moon is transiting my 5th house of creativity, romance, sexual expression and children (as in those I give birth to and how I relate to young people in general as well as how I express my own inner child). As a sign of force, initiative, and action, having Aries in this house means it is natural to express my creative side openly with great intensity and passion. Those who know me can attest that when my creative mind is at work or in demand, I am at my most outspoken, my most confident and forward thinking. I am quite talented in the arenas associated with this house. If it sounds arrogant to say that consider this: Wherever you have the sign of the Ram you are not generally prone to modesty. Self awareness allows you to see yourself clearly in this area for better or for worst and accept this part of your self/life completely regardless of the perceptions of others. My natal sun in Leo is the natural ruler of this house and is supported by my natal moon in the same sign. I’mma leave that there 😀

My shadow work is leading me to consider how creative self expression (5th House) can lend itself to healing of myself first (Chiron transit Aries) and then the collective. In fact, as this new moon takes place, Saturn is also moving into sextile aspect as it ingresses the sign of Aquarius, facilitating and even demanding this work, but also placing emphasis on our individual contribution to the world at large. Black Moon Lilith (BML) is also featured conjunct this moon asking us to courageously face, initiate, & even innovate in the interest of healing and accepting with confidence the part of ourselves society at large is prone to reject or misunderstand.

Info about this custom spread can be found here for those interested along with a brief explanation of why I’m posting my personal readings for all of you folk to dig into 🙂

Conscious Self: XVIII The Moon
Shadow Self: 8 of Pentacles (reversed)

I’ve made many strides in a quest for emotional balance. I mean really this last 2-3 years there have been countless instances where I’ve surprised my own self by responding in ways that seemed impossible in light of my emotions and past. Now, it’s time to adjust my energetic output toward the future. It seems as if my exertion is being wasted or in some way misappropriated. My alignment is inconsistent, wavering between healthy self interest and those old responses to lack, chaos, trauma, or rejection. Maturation has set deep enough to recognize when emotions & indulgences are hindering growth or movement. I am still working to maintain a vibe that does not invite such temptation. These cards also indicate a need to acknowledge any lingering negativity permeating my emotional world or attitude toward responsibility. 💪🏾I am working on coming into a more stable alignment. My intention for this month is to create and then meditate on a mantra that emphasizes the rewards gained from maintaining consistency with the mundane regardless of fleeting emotions or low vibrational influences.

Worldly Expression of Conscious Self:
The Moon, 9 of Swords, 6 of Cups

I’m prone to over-analyzing the source & impact of my feelings and that often leads me deeper into self awareness and psychoanalysis of others. 🤯 Exploring uncertainties, delusions, and feelings of fearfulness seems to serve me during this moon cycle because those I am emotionally connecting to may not see me clearly 🌘 or “wholistically”, and frankly that responsibility lies squarely with me. However, as it is important to me in my personal bonds to at least strive for understanding, I must take care not to allow the constantly cranking wheels of my overactive imagination to fuel additional fear or be the only step I excel at in the growth process. The knowledge I get from ruthless self reflection should now be informing actions that ultimately facilitate deeper, more fulfilling connections and transcendence of pain and fear.🦁

Wordly Expression of Shadow Self:
8 of Pentacles (reversed), 3 of Cups, 8 of Wands

Admittedly, I’ve been exhausted lately from doing a little bit of everything, and as a result getting nothing completed. 😩 This month it seems the hole in my cup needs to come into greater focus. It’s time to redirect my attention toward what drains my physical energy or emotional/mental reserves. There are distractions abound from the work I need to do on myself. This applies to people who are fun to be around, but do not encourage growth & security. Also, those hobbies & habits that cost time and resources without rewards or returns. 🗣Let it gooooooo.☃️🎤 Manifestation of intentions is possible and the energy now is supportive. My ideals are clarified and motivation is strong. Moreover, it seems like the conversations due to take place now are forward focused, passionate, & lending themselves to my creative need and natural talents. There’s an acceleration taking place now that requires discerning about energetic exchanges. With regard to my ideals I must follow through, follow up, and take consistent action.💫🌟

Positive Self:
6 of Cups, 8 of Wands

My ability & willingness to connect emotionally and explore mine and others’ depths is a gift that works in my favor this cycle as well as my motivation to act on my passions. Follow through now is vital. Opportunities for networking & even love relationships come through vulnerability & the exchange of ideas. Openmindedness & forthright communication are my greatest assets this month. I’mma use what I got and get summa the shit I want. Asé!

Negative Self:
9 of Swords, 3 of Cups

A tendency toward looping habits & withholding thoughts or perceptions is leading me repeatedly into superficial bonds that do not fully engage me at a mental or emotional level. 😢 Those types of bonds though are available to me it seems if I am able to step out of my self absorption and away from limiting beleifs about myself and interpersonal relationships in general. Investing in false friends and distracted lovers has led me to feeling stuck. My own worth and ability to be clearly seen and genuinely appreciated has come up for question too many times as a result of imbalances in connection to self and other. The pulls indicate it’s time to start with how clearly I see and fully I appreciate myself. 🙃*mic drop from spirit*🥺

6 of Pentacles

It’s time to look at those bonds, environments & creative projects that feed into me in equal capacity to the energy I readily express. I deserve to receive! I deserve reciprocity!!! It’s time to clear out imbalances within and without. 🤓I’m asking myself who I feel most at peace around? With whom can I successfully build? Where am I not giving back in equal measure to the gifts that I’ve received? I need to learn to put effort into being that which I expect of myself & the work it takes to make that transition. What comes as a result will mirror my own alignment. This card is advising me to meditate on any guilt or low vibrational emotions associated with giving/receiving or desiring support and asking for the help of others.✍🏾

Potential Self:
XVII The Star (reversed)

Recovery of personal faith comes as a result of my dedicated focus on health & healing. I must take a hard look at old and new habits and be ruthlessly honest with myself about what I do in the day to day and if it reflects solid self-belief or learned fear of my own power, talent, and purpose and the associated responsibility. What I’m likely to find is that any lingering questions about my well-being, worth, or attractiveness can be answered with self love. YES!!!💃🏾

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