Daily Tarot: March 26, 2020

The tarot cards for March 26, 2020 reflect a deep need for detachment and ruthless self-interest. It seems despite any lingering sentiment, it is time to forge our path forward and leave behind those circumstances, relationships, & versions of self that do not serve our TOTAL fulfillment. ⠀

UNCONSCIOUS The Chariot (reversed)
ADVICE 5 of Swords 🤯⠀
OUTCOME 9 of Cups
Additional Info Ace of Pentacles

Get in your bag! And remember, YOU’re the fkng bag, folks. 👊🏾 Some severe emotional drainage is taking place for some as a result of the isolation we are all experiencing. The focus on feelings and shadows reflected in yesterday’s reading seems to have brought us to a place of resignation. Many are starting to realize that the ability for others to sate us is only temporary. Our movement out of stagnation and toward our ideal experiences requires we look at opposing beliefs and create synergy through our own self discipline and awareness.⠀

It is not selfish to put yourself first when you are imbalanced within or when pointless conflict or misunderstanding threaten the achievement of your goals. In fact, today that’s absolutely what is called for. We must communicate in no uncertain terms our stance and stick by it. Remaining practical & logical rather than allowing our emotions to lead us into even more turbulent waters. We may be exhausted, hurt or disappointed in the short term but a clean slate comes from the space we make by cutting out what undermines our sense of growth, worth, or security. ⠀

I wish us all healing & clarity while we move through this work.😩⠀

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