Daily Tarot: March 30, 2020

The tarot cards for today reflect a need to recover the self worth through following one’s impulses to act on personal passions and express individuality creatively. Ase!

Conscious: 5 of Disks / Pentacles
Unconscious: Ace of Wands (reversed)
Advice: 8 of Wands
Outcomes: Ace of Swords
Additional Info: 6 of Swords (reversed)

4 Card General Tarot Spread by AstreauxBytch Deck: Mary El Tarot by Marie White

We are closing out winter weary it seems. Many are working with the minimum in their environments due to lack of work, but learning the import of quality time and rest. Some of us are damn antsy and fit to burst with cabin fever, but an internal recovery’s taking place for all of us, far away from our mental manipulations. We are becoming grounded. Many of us are faced with the fact that our safest spaces are those we are prone to avoid. As we look around at who is next to us when there’s nothing to offer but us, many of us are surprised.🤯

It’s a time for starting over with our nearest and dearest, but also a time to put effort into those solidarity activities that bring us joy and keep us healthy so that fear, isolation, and personality conflicts don’t break down our reserves. Some us us may only now be given time to rest after quite a while and must allow ourselves the time we need to recover so that we can engage with those around us now. Our advice is to get moving, our bodies, our minds, and our creative juices and shit 🙃💣Clarity makes itself available to us when we are in tune with our energy levels and acting to manifest according to our passions. Victory comes to those who communicate clearly to the world through their energy exactly who they are or want to become.💃🏾

Do something for your (higher) self today.

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