Daily Tarot: March 31, 2020

The cards for today reflect how much is power is available when we decide to slow down, conserve, regulate, solidify…

Conscious: 4 of Pentacles / Disks
Unconscious: Judgement

Advice: Ace of Pentacles (reversed)
Outcome: The Magician (reversed)
Additional Info: 5 of Cups

Deck: Mary El Tarot by Marie White & 4 Card General Spread by AstreauxBytch

Today, we are asked to pause as our footing has become unstable in response to some life changing epiphanies coming in now. For some it’s just the consequences of decisions and actions that’s got their mind blown. That’s Mars making it’s way onto “Electric Avenue” I mean Aquarius today 😏. The shock value of the transition is seen everywhere. People are sharing ideas on child rearing and home education, immune boosting food and self replenishing veggies. Mostly online, of course because “Don’t come any closer!” On the other side some of us are in fear, remembering the pain of lack in times long past. It seems we’ve been holding onto what little resources we can recognize for dear life, buying toilet paper like diarrhea is the natural state of things. 🙄 I digress.

We’re all on the right track with our thinking, though fear may be over-influencing behavior for some. As a collective we can and will come out better on the other side of what occurs now. Our choices determine the outcome. It requires of us a pulling back. It’s TIME for new ways of thinking, reprioritizing the health of the body, one’s natural rhythms and the power & control we gain, separate from any career, material thing when we return to Nature, internally and outside. The advice today is to slow down. Rushing is pointless now, as most of us are not likely to be in a position to live out our wildest dreams, but we can work on becoming our dream selves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and finally materially. There is after all an order to things and foundation is 1st in most all cases. Start with your temple, then your home, and then your heart. That’s work we all can do now in prep for the evolutionary jump taking place amongst the collective.

Are you going to arrive on the other side in tact?🤔

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