Custom Tarot Spread: SNM😈 (Synchronicity, iNitiation, & Manifestation)

This was actually one of my impromptu #tarotspreads that really resonated. Figured I’d share since I imagine you guys are as antsy as I am.🤪⠀ Anywho,⠀

TOP ROW represents incoming opportunities that you must meet halfway in order for them to manifest. ⠀

MIDDLE ROW are the events, people, and circumstances to look out for. They are literal fingers pointing you toward the opportunity above them.⠀

BOTTOM ROW is the advice you must take when you get the nod from the Universe in the form of the middle row. The bottom of the deck represents the obstacle and the aid to this guidance.⠀

There’s no need to do it 3 times except aesthetics 😆

⠀ ⠀
I did this one to keep me motivated right now because I tend to lose steam when I’m not in my desired environment or I don’t yet see the benefits to a situation. I’m definitely an introvert but with a Leo Sun, Leo Moon and Sagittarius in the 1stHouse and the Aries Sun with BML conjunct my North Node, I’m not really the type to stay indoors and even less so now. 🦋🙃

*note this is my personal pull for the Libra FM. The date refers to when the cards were pulled*


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