Daily Tarot: April 6, 2020

The cards for April 6, 2020 remind me of the “Get out of jail free” card from Monopoly. It seems we are playing breakaway from whatever distances us from our healing. Bout damn time, eh?

CONSCIOUS: 9 of Pentacles
UNCONSCIOUS: The Lovers (reversed)
ADVICE: Queen of Cups
Additional Info: 5 of Wands

We are working on our foundations today, starting with our bodies focusing on self care nurturing, replenishing, growing at an individual level into a person worthy and aligned with our ideal lifestyles. Prioritize the filling of your cups. What resources, emotional state, physical activities, attitudes, & behaviors support your independence and self-confidence. What makes you feel secure within the self? That is what we are invested in today, and it’s all to the good.

Beneath the surface this sudden impetus to “Glow Up” may be coming from separation. Conflicts about the direction or purpose of connections and collaborations has made the need for autonomy obvious. Making a head or heart decision about investing into others or into the self leads us to the conclusion that what we give of ourselves is worthless if it comes from a place of lack or ego. The cards are guiding us to focus on self-nurturing, returning to calm, healing the emotional body through mindful attention to the physical and regular exploration of our own depth. We free ourselves to move toward projects, relationships, and experiences that are better aligned for us when we choose to align… with ourselves.

G’day, Lovelies
– kOri

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