Daily Tarot: April 7, 2020

The tarot for today looks like righteous indignation with a side of hmph😤 It’s time to rise above the BS and that may require the status quo be upset so we can restore true balance.

CONSCIOUS: 10 of Swords (reversed)
ADVICE: Temperance (reversed)
OUTCOME: 2 of Wands
Additional Info: The Chariot (reversed)

4 Card Genral Tarot Spread using Tarot Nefertari by Lo Scarebo

We’re approaching the tail end of a drawn out ending that featured much pain and possibly betrayal. It seems our thoughts have led some into and forced us to evolve through our own worst case scenarios. Beneath it all there is a karmic balance showing up as the Libra ♎️ Full Moon 🌕 forces us all to look at circumstances and relationships that compel us to upset our own balance to maintain them. It’s time to cut that shit out. Speak your feelings and perceptions and voice your boundaries then stand on ‘em. Feelings be damned in the face of Justice.

The guidance for today is to do it NOW, that is whatever it is that brings you back into yourself. It is time to exert your will in the interest of integrating creativity, emotion, and logic. Your forward movement and transformation depends on your willingness to let go what in your life has already taught all it can to you and be ruthlessly honest in your assessment of all that applies to, even versions of YOU. When you face yourself you, free yourself and the fruition of your desires moves gracefully into the space you’ve created.

G’Day All 🙂

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